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What are the stock OEM tires for the 2015 sport 20"


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I have the hankook ventus noble on my 17 from the factory. I do not recommend these tires. Very nice on hot dry pavement like s florida but surprisingly slippery on cold rain and snow surface. Michelins are a bit expensive but i always liked them. I would consider Bridgestone also.

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According to tirerack.Com, the OEM tires were the Hankook Venus S1 Noble ($181.92) and the Perelli Scorpion Verde All Season ($172.65). Both are 245/50R20.


Keep in mind that the tires supplied to OEM are better than what's sold on aftermarket. Had an engineer friend who I worked with years ago, who worked with GM. What he learned about tires was, the OEM tire manufacturers spin balanced every tire right on their production line. The best ones went to GM. (Less lead used to balance). The ones that needed more lead to balance went to aftermarket.

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