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  1. I purchased mine today from JLT. I'm positive it will do what it is supposed to. I can also say, that without testing both, it will be near impossible to compare with anything else. There won't really be any way to know what you're not catching in there. Weather, and driving habits seem to be a factor in how much junk they catch as well. Overall, catching something is better than catching nothing, and as howie stated (and it sort of makes sense to me) on this type of vehicle, catching from 1 side will do the job for this application.
  2. GT500 Has the logs for stock vs CXRacing intercooler. It's on one of his threads here. You can bet my cheap ass isn't buying either one until i see some 1/4 mile results from them. My favorite is when people run tests on a dyno, and claim "oh it added 20hp". It added 20hp with the hood open and fans blowing directly into it. not really surprising. Real world tests are where the benefit vs cost can be better evaluated. Of course, then you have to take into account the surface you're on, and a boat load of weather conditions at the time. I'm more of a researcher than most consumers. Generally people read something online and take it as gospel. It can confuse some of the people that don't take the time to read the fine print, then wonder why they didn't gain 0.7 seconds in the quarter mile when installing an IC or other upgrades. I'm just here to help with finding facts, not opinions. apparently, that is under appreciated around here.
  3. My wife calls me daddy, does that count?
  4. Hell I've missed it too. Was looking for one several months ago. My dog just loves to launch out of the back right from the paint!
  5. I liked the foam idea, but was also concerned about having to fix it in the future. I used some pieces of wire (or an old coat hanger would work) to make it more of a permanent solution. i made a video about it here: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/24176-solved-noise-or-rattle-above-40mph/
  6. Is this the proper link to the one you are referring to? https://www.jlttruecoldair.com/ZenCart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=524_526_590&zenid=431s33r7fa5r46c5r16j8iaca4 It says in stock as of now... I need to get me one. That price is worth paying. those insanely priced other kits are a no go for me! Some of us don't have daddy to pay our bills or buy our vehicles for us!
  7. my first hand experience, as stated before, is the exact opposite of understeer. there is something wrong with your pudding. the lot you were testing in most likely had gravel and oils built up from lack of use. not the best or most accurate test. on the road, you may experience oversteer, as I did.
  8. We have yet to see any data to support that statement.
  9. AERODYNAMICS -Bird poop on the hood -Turtle Wax WEIGHT REDUCTION -Lexan windows -Atkins Diet -Remove Tail lights
  10. For the money I think CXRacing is the way to go. almost half the price of ultimate performance. If you're going for every tenth you can squeeze out of it, ultimate performance (on paper) seems to have the best overall, but we haven't seen any logs to confirm any of this yet.
  11. Make sure they put mufflers on that custom exhaust! I built my own 2.5" exhaust and the humming drone inside the cabin was unbearable until I went back in there, cut some piping out, and added mufflers. here is the thread i started on that: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/23972-custom-exhaust-on-my-sport/ Welcome to the forums! Turn that traction control off, and you'll get well under 6.0 seconds 0-60
  12. I'm with you. one hour difference at the track can be substantially different results. I have slips to prove that. 1st run at 1:05pm ran 13.82 @ 97 with 2.10 60ft 2nd run at 2:14pm ran 13.56 @ 99 with 2.05 60ft I put a booger on the steering wheel for the second run, so I can claim on the web I gained .3 tenths of a second in the 1/4 mile from a simple "Mucus Mod" See why its kind of silly to judge off a time slip with no other info? We need more testing, logs, and info to be sure of what it is actually accomplishing. We all understand you are trying to pioneer parts and such for the rest of us. Believe me, we are appreciative, and your thanks are well deserved. But you guys seem to prematurely toot horns without any substantiating evidence. You say "we're pioneering" then follow it with "buy it for yourself and post facts for us". That's a bit backwards, as pioneers tend to do the testing and give us the results.
  13. I didn't need that display to tell me that, based on the one time... and one time only... when the back end came around when I was taking corners a bit sportier than I should have been. pooped my pants and never did that again!
  14. For what it is, I can't believe people get away with charging so much for them. I can see the fittings costing a good penny. When I was building my mustang, paying $15 a fitting for fuel lines gave me sticker shock But for a can and some tubing, $500 is absolutely insane. Billet or not, I can't justify something like that. I mean, a stainless steel overflow tank is like $50, so where does the other $450 come from? I don't know much about catch cans, so maybe I shouldn't even be talking here!
  15. Don't go confusing me now! the signature lights are the "triangles" in the bumper.
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