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Apps that work well with Sync 3?

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Well I've recently come into the 21st century with dropping the land line and getting a smart phone. I've downloaded the apps Android Auto, Ford + Alexa and Pandora and have them working with sync. I'm an Amazon Prime member with Prime Music Unlimited which pretty much will play any song you can think of that has ever been recorded. So far the Alexa app has become my go to for playing music. Create song lists on Amazon and pull them up. Even works with the sync voice control button on the steering wheel. Listen to any song that comes to mind. Pandora is great also for hearing music by artists I never knew were out there.

So far Android auto is taking a back seat. I'll use it for Waze nav when I'm going to places unknown since Ford won't update their Nav maps. What do others use Android auto for? Any other apps out there that play well with Sync?



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