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  1. I have a 2016 Edge Titanium. One tail light was replaced by the dealer before I took delivery of the vehicle for condesation. The other one was replaced about a year ago under the 3 year 36000 mile warranty. Even with the replacements I still get occasion moisture but nothing like the originals.
  2. bamabob

    Paint durabilty question

    The paint does seem to chip easily. If I were to get a new car I would definitely invest in a clear bra for the front bumper and front of the hood. My sister and her husband recently purchased a new Kia Telluride and had one put on it after seeing the damage to my Edge. Cost them around $600. http://www.invisiblemask.com/shield.html
  3. bamabob

    Paint durabilty question

    I have a 2008 Mercury Sable and a 2016 Edge. Both are driven under the same conditions, mostly city and occasional highway roadtrips. The paint on the Mercury still looks brand new while the paint on the Edge is showing wear and tear. Mostly lots of paint chips on the front of the hood and the front bumper. While the Mercury has a couple the Edge has literally dozens. Both have been washed and waxed in the same manner and time frame. Has something changed in the paint quality over the years? Yes I know I could have gotten the plastic wrap on the front of the hood and the bumper to prevent these and there are ceramic coatings that may have helped but I'm curious as to what is the difference in 2008 paint and 2016 paint.
  4. I too at first was annoyed by the honk. but in my case it happens when I leave my key in the vehicle and lock the doors. it alerts me that my keys are in the car and prevents the door from locking. When I go to the gym I purposely lock my keys and wallet in the car and will get the double honk if I lock the door out of habit using the button inside the car. I like that it reminds me that the door isn't locked. I then lock the door using the keypad on the outside of the door and use the keypad on the door to unlock the car to get in.
  5. Received a PM from another member regarding trying an update to a newer build So I downloaded the latest update from owner.ford.com and did a master reset and then installed it. I was running version 3.0 build 18025, now it's version 3.0 build 18093. Connects to wifi consistently now and so far no screen freezes. 7 hour road trip today running android auto and everything worked fine.
  6. bamabob

    2019 Edge sel FWD OTD price

    You're welcom zaidd. Ford's regional rebates can differ from area to area which can make a difference.
  7. bamabob

    2019 Edge sel FWD OTD price

    The options on the vehicle can make a big difference in price. Watch out for dealer charges and markups. Also if financing know ahead of time what interest rate you qualify for based on your credit score by contacting your local bank to see what rate you can get. The finance guy will try to sell the highest rate he can. Don't fall in love with a vehicle and be prepared to get up and walk away. Here is a link to my local dealer that often times has good pricing https://stiversfordofmontgomery.com/sale/ford-edge-prattville-al
  8. I'm having an issue getting my wifi to connect and/or stay connected. Sometimes it will connect to my wifi, then when I go to check for sync updates it tells me I have to be connected to wifi even though I just connected. Sometimes it will search for updates but the screen will lock showing the searching icon forever. Other times it will search for wifi and not find anything, just show the searching icon forever even though I'm parked in the same spot that it will on occasion find it. More often than not it does not find available wifi. In addition sometimes the screen will freeze when using the Navigation and using the touchscreen. Not sure what is going on. I upgraded to version 3.0 last year and it seems that's when the problems started. Other than checking for updates what else is wifi used for? Any suggestions? I've tried disconnecting the battery for half an hour, no difference. Seems like I've read something about doing a system reset in sync but that will take it back to the original install, will have to update everything. Also read that holding the scan forward button and the power button for 10 seconds will restart sync, haven't tried that but is it any different than shutting down the vehicle and restarting? 2016 Edge, Sync 3 Version 3.0
  9. bamabob

    New Member '16 Titanium

    Welcome to the forum! That is "Bronzefire Metallic Tinted Clearcoat", same color I have on my 2016. What color is the interior?
  10. My mistake, on the Edge the interior color is Cognac. My 2016 Edge Titanium is the Bronzefire Metallic tinted clearcoat with the cognac interior. The Lincoln MKX offered the same interior color but called it Terra Cotta. IMO Ford really needs to offer something for the interior besides black or ceramic. Cognac is still available but very seldon found on dealer lots.
  11. I'd really like to see Ford bring back the metallic bronzefire tinted clearcoat, beautiful color. Goes well with the terra cotta interior.
  12. bamabob

    2018 Titanium good deal?

    Glad all worked out for you. I agree with the chrome wheels, I prefer the polished aluminum.
  13. bamabob

    2018 Titanium good deal?

    sounds like a decent deal to me. Depends if it has the options you want. after driving my edge for over two years I'm glad I have the front camera, I have a hard time judging where the front corners are. I could do without a sunroof but hard to find one without. Given the large inventory, end of model year with an upcoming update, dealer moving, I say you're in the drivers seat, (pun intended), get what you want at the price you're willing to pay. If financing insist on 0 to 1.9% rate.
  14. Going through my previous posts and saw that this one had zero replies. Any input?
  15. didn't go out and check my edge but isn't the odometer always visible?