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Webasto Edge - Carbon Fiber Engine Cover and Radiator Cover

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I read that the company that made all the custom carbon fiber components for the Webasto Edge was Sankuer Composite Technologies. I was trying to get my hands on a custom intercooler intake piece that is shown in the pictures. I emailed them and the president replied to me and informed me that there isn't any tooling for the intercooler piece or any of the other carbon fiber exterior parts. There is tooling for the carbon fiber engine cover and the radiator cover in case anyone wants them made for their Edge. They are a bit expensive though, $1,300 for the engine cover and $787 for the radiator cover. Way too much for me, I'd spend that money better elsewhere, but figured I'd at least share it here in case anyone else is interested.

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I'm really not interested in having the engine covered in CF (or the radiator for that matter), unless those parts were way less expensive. I was more interested in the exterior composites that Sankuer made, but no dice on those as they were one-offs.


I'm thinking that the temps in the engine bay may be a bit too much for vinyl, especially on the engine cover. I'll never try wrapping mine.

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