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Shifting Strategies with 2.7 and Sport Mode


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I have been logging the shifting as well as the lockup of the torque converter in Sport Mode (2017 Edge). Has anyone looked at the shifting strategies in the Edge? (Perhaps other Fords as well) In Sport mode, the transmission goes to 5th very quick. I drive a windy road home and it goes to 5th while going up hill and at 30 mph. When hitting the gas it unlocks the torque converter but unless I push the pedal hard, it doesn't downshift. When I use the paddle shifters I’m 2nd and 3rd.


​I thinking have having the shift strategies changed. I am tuned with Unleashed.


Before I go down this road...any comments? I think I want it to hang out in the lower gears longer depending on load. I only want this in Sport mode, and yes I think it will decrease gas mileage.

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