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New Member- A year too Late!


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A year and a half ago I bought a new (to me) 2012 SEL from our local dealer. Its been nothing but an absolute nightmare since then. I got it back Friday after they had it for three weeks for a new catalytic converter and when I got off the freeway IT WAS SMOKING!!! Never had that problem before. Oil spewing everywhere. Didnt take it in for an oil leak.

Took it back and I picked it up again last night. Ready to go! No charge. Thanks, after paying over $4k two days prior I would hope the hell NOT!!

This was the second time they said they fixed it, last week was a bust too. The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WAS STILL ON. Anyway on the way back to return the rental tonight the check engine light went on!! Again! Are you freakin kidding me???? I was told their TOP TECH was on it. Lmao. What a joke. I am just broken hearted. I cant afford to keep driving this POS and paying for repairs AND MAKING THE MONTHLY PAYMENT. To date Ive paid nearly half of my original purchase price in repairs. First time to ever buy/ finance a car from a dealership, first ford. Last for both.

If youre still considering it Id say RUNNNNNNN AWAYYYYY. I wish I had. :(


A few things Ive had to repair so far;

AC Blows on every two minutes. This was fun in the winter.

Touch screen gets weird and goes out. Entire thing had to be replaced.

Says it has a 19 gallon tank but only holds 14 gallons before gas begins to pour out the back.

Replaced water pump $3800 ($100 part) at six months.

Over heats over heats OVER HEATS.

Driver power seat has no more power.

Serpentine belt replaced $1500 cuz there might be broken stuff behind it.


And now, after $4500 and nearly a grand on a rental, the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON.

I want to barf.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your experience :( But it sounds to me very possible that the dealer is far from competent. We have had quite a large number of folks complain about dealer servicing in California ...


How many miles on the Edge when you bought it? Did you have any warranty and was it dealer warranty or Ford warranty?


The water pump issue is definitely a known issue with the 3.5 (I am assuming you have that, not the 2.0). But the price is WAY off. Should have been no more than $2,000 or so all in at dealer pricing.


Touchscreen issue: perhaps an APIM issue? There is Ford extended warranty on that. If the touchscreen itself went out, that may not be covered.


Oil spewing? From a cat replacement? Ruh Roh. Stooges at work?


A/C: dual zone climate control? Probably could have been fixed with a recalibration, on in rarer cases, needed a new HVAC module entirely.


Serpentine belt: Got WAAAAAY overcharged for that. That is maybe $200 in dealer-priced work.


Driver seat power: could be a melted connector or a burnt out motor. Rarely, it is a fuse or BCM issue.


And yes, lemons do crop up time to time. But you woulda thunk this lemon would have been discovered in the 4-5 years of the P.O.'s ownership term. Perhaps had it under warranty during that time ...


Lining up a reputable indy repair shop seems to be in the cards for you.

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