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Sirius XM Travel link not working

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Hi all,


I've read numerous posts on the forum about Travel link not working properly on some 2011-12 Edges. I have a 2014 Edge SEL with factory NAV and my screen shows Travel link and everything displays as "subscribed" but if I try to check weather, movie listings, etc it just says can't acquire data at this time. I am currently signed up for a two month satellite radio trial and that works fine. My version of Sync 2 is 3.10.


I called Sirius support and after a lengthy conversation they said Travel Link wasn't compatible with my Edge after providing them my ESN. I can't understand why they would say that when I have seen this service in use before on a 2016 Ford Transit Connect that had MFT.


On a side note, I removed my factory ACM unit and installed an ACM from a 2011 Edge Sport so I could utilize HD radio. Would it have anything to do with the fact that my Edge is a 2014 and the ACM is a 2011? I read somewhere on the forum that the ESN has to match for both the APIM and the ACM.


Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Nobody knows anything about this?



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