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Front turn signals - puzzle

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The front turn signals stopped working. Mirrors, rears, tap to turn, all work fine. Just zero voltage at the light socket when turn is engaged. Relays are kicking and I've got voltage on their outputs (measured on the bottom of the engine bay fuse panel.


If I jumper to the wire loom for the turns and give it 12vdc, they light up when they're suppose to.


I have the DayTime Bright lights control module for the gill lights/turn signals installed but they're NOT the cause of this. When I swapped out the control module, I tested the Edge while it was disconnected and still no voltage at the back of the turn plug.


F13 & F14 (fuses on the cabin fuse panel) for turns L & R. They're good.

Front marker/parking lights are working normally.


From the diagram I think my next step is to look for voltage on the output connector of the BCM for the turn signals ..


Does anyone know where the wires for the front turns go after they leave the relays in the engine bay fuse panel?

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hmmm .. I figured if I let this post bake a few days, someone would come up with a bright idea (HA! See what I did there)

So. let me ask this of someone who has Oasis access .. the two turn relays in the engine bay fuse panel, where does their N/O contacts go to?   (FETs in the BCM?)

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