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A Double Edge(d) Experience

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Just mentioning this because it's been a WTF experience, along with a WOW experience. All at the same dealership in Harrisonville, MO. I'll try to keep it short enough to read.


Wife and I looking for a new vehicle, decided on a used Edge. Found one at a dealership just down the road a piece. Took it out for a test drive. Drove well, ran well, all was well except for a rattle under the passenger side. We mentioned that to the shyster, uh, salesman. He swears up and down it's just the temp tag, they should have bolted it on better, he sees that all the time. We said probably not. He said he'd have it checked out. About an hour later he comes back with "it was a pan underneath the engine they didn't tighten up when they changed the oil. All is well, now". We took it around again, didn't hear it and went with the deal. Oh, except, where's the 2nd key - oh, sometimes they don't have one. Oh, yes they do! Thats when I stopped with the shys, uh salesman. Hit up the floor manager.


He promised to: get us the 2nd key, get a license plate bracket for the front (he offered, I didn't ask), code for the keyless entry, tuck a piece of carpet, even off tire inflation. Hey, it's used. 


The next day we hear the same rattle on the driver's side. That's when I joined the forum to look that up. Turns out annoying, but easy fix. Checking the driver's side I could see the clips needed a spacer. Hmmm, well, wonder how they fixed the passenger side? WTF (see, it's that moment), they TOOK THE DEFLECTOR OFF!!! Yeah, that was the fix. That prompted a call to the floor manager and a trip down. That's actually when I mentioned the entry code, tire inflation, and re-insisted on the 2nd key.


To his credit he'd already gone to the garage to talk about the missing deflector with them. The tech says he told the shys, uh salesman about pulling it. The manager ensured they'd ordered a new one. Today, they installed the new deflector and everything promised. I am completely satisfied with how he stood up and took care of me and the issues. I will never never ever!! deal with that shys, uh salesman again. I like the service manager, and I like the floor manager. I do not like being lied to as if I were some friggin' idiot. And I do not like that shyster, of a salesman. He was slimy from minute one. Begs the question: WHY? (or why we dealt with him anyway). Honesty rules. We completed the license transfer today which involved yet another trip to the dealership. Have a free oil change in 5k or so. Then ... we'll see. 


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