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Fan removal and radiator removal

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Passenger side cooling fan stopped working. I searched youtube and found several. Basically, remove the air duct, remove 2 fan mounting bolts, rotate the fan 90 degrees, and pull out. When a new fan arrived, I followed the youtube procedure to remove the old fan and install a new one. The non-Ford (Dorman to be specific) had a tad larger electrical connector (larger diameter) and didn't fit. I removed it and installed my old fan back because the driver side fan still worked. New fan arrived. While removing the old fan, I cracked the radiator.


My suggestion. Remove upper radiator hose, not just push aside (like youtube videos). Radiator needs to be partially drained before disconnecting the upper radiator hose. This opens up the passenger side and fan slides out without scraping the radiator. Virtually zero probability to crack the radiator. Definitely worth the trouble. Radiator replacement is no fun. Avoid it by all means. 


Now radiator removal procedure.

Bumper cover has to come off. The metal brackets that hold the condenser and radiator together can only be accessed from the front. This forum has multiple posts for bumper cover removal.

Remove top radiator hose and cooling fan.

Drain radiator, remove hoses (lower radiator hose and degas bottle hose).

Radiator top mount has 2 plastic tabs. You can see the tabs while standing in the front. Lift the tabs and remove the top mounts.

Examine the radiator. Notice 2 mounting nuts (sheet metal insert) and 2 Y-shaped setup that hold the fan. The other side looks just the same. 2 mounting nuts and 2 Y-shaped pieces hold the condenser via z-shaped (double 90 degree bends) metal bracket.

Tilt the radiator top toward the engine.

Standing in the front, you can see 4 metal brackets that hold the condenser and the radiator together. Remove the bolt from each bracket.

The bottom brackets can now be lifted up (from the Y-shaped setup of the radiator) and removed.

The top brackets are still bolted to the radiator. With the radiator top tilted to engine, you can see the bolts. Remove them. Very limited access. If too difficult, wait while until 2 steps below.

The passenger side has 2 AC lines fixed to the radiator with the tree clips. Remove them.

Carefully lift the radiator out without scraping the condenser. You have a better access to the upper metal brackets while the radiator is being lifted out. 


Installation is reverse.



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The link suggests the same, no need to remove the upper radiator hose. I did it 3 times. On the third try, I cracked the radiator. Radiator replacement is a time sink. By all means avoid this by removing the upper radiator hose.

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Hi Paker, if I may ask, what fan did you end up with as a replacement? My 2007 SEL (w/tow package) needs the pass. side fan replaced as well. I've just been seeing the whole fan assembly, FORD and aftermarket, listed, with 'universal fit' fans listed as well. I haven't taken out the assembly yet and was thinking one should be able to replace just the fan. Maybe I'm thinking too much... lol. 

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