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Leak inside the cabin!

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My wifes 2008 Edge started leaking inside.  It is not antifreeze as there is no smell to it.  It started with leaking on the passenger side but now its getting to both sides.  Any idea where to start looking?


Wife claims she can hear sloshing of water.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Hawks,

Someplace in the car there's probably a drain plugged.
You declined to say where on the planet you live but if it's still warm enough to use the air conditioning look at the AC drain.  If it gets clogged with dirt or something builds a nest inside all the condensation from the AC unit collects until it's spilling onto your carpets. 

If, on the other hand, you live someplace that's been excessively wet recently consider your sun roof (if equipped) drain as a prime suspect.    Bottom line, water that 'should' be getting outside is staying inside and that's almost always caused by a blocked drain.


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Sorry, I'm in Texas and it seems to be more an issue when it rains.   Not sure where the different drains would be to check.  I know the AC one near the driverside feet.

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