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Hello all. New to the forum. Looking at an edge to replace our recently totaled fusion. Seems our budget will let us fall into these years. Any advice or things to watch out for? Live in the Midwest. AWD or FWD? Thanks in advance for any help. 

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If you'll be shopping for the 3.5L V6 go with the 2012 to get the modified water pump and other improvements.  AWD adds complexity and expense beyond slightly lower gas mileage but it's reportedly an excellent choice for snow or other slippery slopes.


Whatever you get, do what you'd do for any pre owned car purchase; check the maintenance records before sealing the deal.  You're looking for an Edge that's seen regular engine oil changes and (in a perfect world) coolant changes for the V6, lube drain and fills for the AWD power transfer unit and rear differential if equipped. 


If it has the vista roof, check operation to be sure it opens and closes smoothly.  The tracks like occasional cleaning and lubricating.  


If you have an OBDII reader, plug it in during your test drive.  It's amazing the things you can tell about a vehicle by looking at data you'd otherwise never see or discover when it's too late.  No history of codes (sellers sometimes clear current codes just before a buyer shows up for a test drive) or pending codes probably means you've found a trouble free car.



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