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PTU 2011 SEL 160k

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So, I have no excuse on why I never did a PTU fluid change. First one I “tried” to do at 159k. Used the auto hobby shop on base, had my siphon and got maybe an ounce out. Put in 2-3 oz, drove it for week or so. At ~159,250, did another drain and fill and this time got out 3-4 oz. Just did my 3rd at about 160k, while we had a 60-70 degree day in MA and got out a significant amount and then was able to put in 2/3 to 3/4ths of a quart. 

Feeling better about it but still regret waiting so long. I’ll do one more in the next few months to see if I can get any more out. 


Pic  shows how much of a brand new bottle I was able to get in the PTU, the second and third time.


Never had an issue with the PTU but after reading how semi-easy it is to change (and some scary YT videos) why not. 

I’ll be doing it on my 2015 Sport either tonight or very soon.


Thanks for looking.


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Totally forgot to mention the drain plug. Forgot to take a picture when I first got it out. The smell was pretty intense. I took this pic after taking a huge amount off. Maybe 1/4”. Both of the other drain and fills had minimal. 

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3 hours ago, Mastertvtech said:

Why not add a drain plug?

Valid point, never done it before. Watched a few videos of guys doing it. If I was planning on keeping it forever I will probably do it.

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