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  1. Directly from ford website. This was the first update the car rec’d since it was new (I’m the second owner and I assume it was a lease). I did 2-3 updates to my previous 2013 Fusion Titanium with no issues. No idea how 3.10 deleted my Nav though.
  2. So, tried a new A10 chip and still nothing. Guess I’ll be trying a master reset next
  3. So, tried a new A10 chip and still nothing. Guess I’ll be trying a master reset next
  4. Just curious if anyone tried this before. Looks like all the numbers match up (CB, offset, etc) with the exception that the Escape 18” rims are 18x7.5 where standard Edges 18”s are 18x8. Basically just looking for a reasonably cheap winter set And I’ve seen a few in the $250-300 range. appreciate anyone’s thoughts.
  5. Looks like my Nav was deleted as well. Anyone else have this problem. I had a 13 Fusion Titanium and did 2-3 updates no problem. Got my 15 Sport in April that had never seen a Ford Dealer until I brought it in. Was hoping to not have to bring it in as I use it mostly for back up Nav. System is showing 3.10 but not able to report successful back to Ford. Thoughts?
  6. lightning4eva

    Amazing deal on 21s

    Hey guys My original Pirellis were very dead after 31k and everything looked to be close to $200 a tire. Then I came across these Nokian’s. Most people know them for their winter tires, but after talking a buddy, he highly recommended these. So for $700, I got 4 new tires, mounted, balanced and a lifetime alignment. First impression is overall very good in every aspect, Dry/wet/sound/ stiffness etc this might be and old tread design so there might be a limited supply. Just though ugh this place should hear about a good deal. i also went with 45 profile because I live in MA.
  7. lightning4eva

    2015 Edge Sport OE wheel size - 20" width!

    20s are 8” https://www.wheel-size.com/
  8. lightning4eva

    Considering buying a Ford Edge Sport

    Just picked up my 2015 Sport w/21s, cooled seats, etc a month ago for mid 23,600 with 31k miles. Unless you find a semi-high mileage 2016 for close to 24k, get the 15 and save up for the sync 3 parts. There is a post in the forum on how to do it. Good luck.
  9. lightning4eva

    Edge #2

    That’s the plan in a year or so, maybe next years tax return. So since I have my 11 Edge to the wife, I’ve gone to an 05 Accord, 13 Fusion Ti (loved everything but the mileage and getting 2 kids in car seats in and out) 14 Cx-9, to this. Should have just gotten this in the first place. Now the wife won’t complain when we need to switch cars
  10. lightning4eva

    Edge #2

    Hey guys, just picked up my second Edge, a 2015 Sport Black on Black with 31k on it. Hope it’s as good as my 2011 SEL Black on Black on with ~150k on it. The sport has just about everything including cooled seats and 21s. It was downpouring when I picked it up but here it is before it went to the detailer. More pics soon.
  11. lightning4eva

    Need new Lug nuts

    I was doing my winter tire swap over a few weeks ago and of course had to go to my local ford parts counter for 5 lug nuts. The parts guy works over at O'Reilly PT and told me to grab a set there for ~$30. Pretty happy with them. No more 2-piece POS lugs. Can't remember if they have black ones. Good luck
  12. lightning4eva

    Wheel help please

    wheel-size.com It's the site I used to look and confirm other ford rims that would fit my 2011. Good luck
  13. lightning4eva

    Taurus 19” rims on my 2011

  14. lightning4eva

    Taurus 19” rims on my 2011

    So, my 2011 Edge used to be my DD, then the wife and I switched cars. I sold the 20” chromes as she didn’t care about the look. I hate doing the swap of tires and would rather do rims with dedicated tires. So I randomly found some 19” Taurus rims, did the research (numbers/figment/clearance, etc) and everything. Small speedo error for the moment until I get some bigger tires (running 255/45s until I the wife kills them). Here’s a few pics of the original 20s, 19s on it now and the research I found Incase anyone was interested. Car is lowered with H&R’s with the 19s
  15. Well I’m picking up a new (to me) 2015 Black Sport in a few weeks. I have a Black 2011 SEL that I have EGR matte black bug shield and matte black rain guards (to each his own). EGR isn’t showing a compatible part for the 2015+, but I was curious if someone here either knew if the windows/frame were the same or tried rain guards from a 2014 and earlier on 2015+, before I spend what limited time I have trying it out. Appreciate any knowledge in advance. i tried a few different searches and didn’t come up with anything. -Mick