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  1. lightning4eva

    2017 Edge Sport XDI HPFP, Livernois Tuner, etc

    PM'd about RMM and TTCR Engine Brace
  2. lightning4eva

    2011 Edge 3.5 3K bill

    Evening all, Story from this week on my 2011 Ford Edge SEL w/170K So my former Edge that the future X drives had a bad week. Monday it stranded her in Town. I went down and Jumped it and replaced the battery later that afternoon. Drove it to drop off the old battery and was fine. She mentioned it seemed a little off while idling on occasion the next day on her drive. She pulls into work on Tuesday morning 25 miles away and it dies. Co-workers come out and besides not starting, coolant is almost gone. Get it towed to Ford Tuesday night. Timing Tensioner is worn and allowed timing to get off a little causing the engine to be dogging a bit. Water pump died too 2.5K to get it fixed or they'd give me the same for a trade in. Her car, her choice, but we're also doing new plugs, and alternator (original) so the total will approach 3K Anything else you all recommend to ask them to look at or replace? Its in amazing shape overall. Suspension has less that 20k (KYBs w/H&Rs), new rear brakes, Taurus SHO rims w/great rubber for summer, Original rims w/good winter tread. Doesn't burn any oil. No Tranny or PTU issues (just got all the fluids in the mail for my annual drain and fills). Thanks! Mickey
  3. Brake Boster just failed at 163K on my 2011 SEL. ~1K. Only the second expensive repair I've had since I got it w/33K in 2012. Other issue was fuel tank/evap blah. If anything feels weird w/your brakes, have it checked out. Our was fine until all of a sudden.
  4. lightning4eva


    I've had H&Rs on my wife's 2011 SEL for ~40K, installed at ~120k. No issues except some of my front sway bar bushings needed replacement as well. My crappy Powersteering inline filter leaked on them and caused premature wear. Pics of it show stock height w/stock rims. The other is post lowered, with Taurus SHO 19"s (255/50R19s). Its a perfect improvement. Good luck!
  5. Absolutely hated the CS5s on my CX-9. Used them as summer only and found them very Loud (highway and low speed) very soft sidewall, unpredictable handling,, poor-avg wet traction, avg dry. They are a run of the mill touring tire. I’m in New England. good luck but I definitely don’t recommend.
  6. lightning4eva

    PTU 2011 SEL 160k

    Valid point, never done it before. Watched a few videos of guys doing it. If I was planning on keeping it forever I will probably do it.
  7. lightning4eva

    PTU 2011 SEL 160k

    Totally forgot to mention the drain plug. Forgot to take a picture when I first got it out. The smell was pretty intense. I took this pic after taking a huge amount off. Maybe 1/4”. Both of the other drain and fills had minimal.
  8. lightning4eva

    PTU 2011 SEL 160k

    So, I have no excuse on why I never did a PTU fluid change. First one I “tried” to do at 159k. Used the auto hobby shop on base, had my siphon and got maybe an ounce out. Put in 2-3 oz, drove it for week or so. At ~159,250, did another drain and fill and this time got out 3-4 oz. Just did my 3rd at about 160k, while we had a 60-70 degree day in MA and got out a significant amount and then was able to put in 2/3 to 3/4ths of a quart. Feeling better about it but still regret waiting so long. I’ll do one more in the next few months to see if I can get any more out. Pic shows how much of a brand new bottle I was able to get in the PTU, the second and third time. Never had an issue with the PTU but after reading how semi-easy it is to change (and some scary YT videos) why not. I’ll be doing it on my 2015 Sport either tonight or very soon. Thanks for looking.
  9. lightning4eva

    2011-2014 EGR Bug Guard and Rain Deflectors (w/pics now)

    Price lowered to $45 shipped
  10. I fell in love w/the Matte Black 2011 EGR Edge (https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=rUzpJMKD&id=F753E2A9A846AF144009836AF055AC028AAEE4A3&thid=OIP.rUzpJMKD1R_ShvIgiqqEwgAAAA&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fautopartstoys.com%2fimages%2fM61811381.jpg&exph=250&expw=266&q=2011+ford+edge+egr&simid=607993173196933834&selectedIndex=2&ajaxhist=0) https://realtruck.com/p/egr-matte-black-in-channel-window-deflectors/egr-573355/?cparam=efae0cf235be18b5aad12207257c3461&msclkid=383c56001e7d13d1a2b70bfdaf647f2f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Vent Visors - Shopping&utm_term=4587712267488682&utm_content=Vent Visors https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=rUzpJMKD&id=F753E2A9A846AF144009836AF055AC028AAEE4A3&thid=OIP.rUzpJMKD1R_ShvIgiqqEwgAAAA&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fautopartstoys.com%2fimages%2fM61811381.jpg&exph=250&expw=266&q=2011+ford+edge+egr&simid=607993173196933834&selectedIndex=2&ajaxhist=0 So I'm selling a bug guard and rain guards, all EGR, all Matte Black for $50 + shipping. It will all be coming in 1 box. One side of the rain guards (passenger) and the bug guard EGR badge have fallen off. I'm including all the installation parts I have but if something happens to be missing, EGR customer service is amazing. Included a pic of them on my 2011. Thanks for looking!
  11. lightning4eva

    265/50/20 fit a 2016 Sport?

    Sorry I can’t say yes or no but I would first ask if anyone has put 265’s on 8” rim. I’ve done 255s on them with no problem. try this site as well https://www.wheel-size.com/calc/ might or might not help
  12. lightning4eva

    2015 Edge Sport 21" Wheels - Keep 'em or get smaller?

    If it were me, get the Nokians in 265/45-21s, For $135 a pop, live with curbed rims, find some 18x8 Fusion or lower model edge rims for cheap on fb market place and you have a ton of snow tire options from $100-200 ea. Good luck!
  13. lightning4eva

    2015 Edge Sport 21" Wheels - Keep 'em or get smaller?

    Hey John, I was in the same boat. I live in NE, have the 21s and I just got rid of my pirellis in the spring. I like having a set of winters on separate rims. Going w/18s this winter then But may change next year. If you are going with a dedicates winter set, check out Nokian zLine SUV Ultra High Performance Summer Tire - 265/45ZR21 104Y. I went w/just a little larger sidewall bc of NE’s roads. Very happy overall and didn’t break the bank. All told, $540 from amazon, $80 for install and $100 for lifetime alignment. Good luck!
  14. lightning4eva

    2019 Ruby Red Titanium

    I’m a current 2 timer as well, 2011 SEL, 2015 Sport, welcome again!
  15. lightning4eva

    Cobra wheel fit sport edge ?

    Doubtful, rule of thumb I’ve been taught is +\- 5mm. 15mm seems much. Also would need an adapter for the hub.