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Ford Edge 2008 Stiff Brakes and Bad Idle. Error Codes: P2195, P2197

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Hey, I hope I am posting this in the correct area of the forum. If not please let me know.


About a year ago my 2008 Ford Edge started to behave a bit odd: The brakes became extremely stiff, and the idle went to HELL. It idles so poorly now (just stopping for a traffic light) that it will die after a minute or so. The RPM gauge will rest between 750-1250 and then begin bouncing between 500-1500 before dying. I replaced the PCV valve on the back of the engine, but it didn't help at all. I replaced the MAF sensor, also didn't help.


I hooked it up to my buddies error code reader, and it's throwing 2 errors, P2195 (O2 Sensor Signal stuck LEAN - Bank 1, Sensor 1) and P2197 (O2 Sensor Signal stuck LEAN - Bank 2, Sensor 1).


Really just trying to narrow down exactly what this could be caused from. If you need any more information just ask, I'm not really much of a car mechanic, but I'm comfortable attempting my own repairs. My current research is pointing to maybe a bad vacuum hose?

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So my vehichle is having the same problems now. What did it end up being the hose?


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