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Trim between Vista roof and windshield rust

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Not sure if anyone have had this issue, where the Piano black trim in between the Windshield and the roof glass panel is completely rusted out.  I would like to replace it, found a donor car at the wreck yard, also found the part number for a new trim.  Has anobody attempted replacing this trim, it does mention in the part listing bellow as part is not reusable, replacement only.  I wonder if it is double side tape or clips holding this.  



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I did not, and it is getting really bad.  Anyone?

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Dow Urethane Adhesive                                    

Betaseal™ Express


Dow Urethane One Step Glass Primer             

Betaprime™ 5500 / 5500A / 5500SA 


Sika Urethane Adhesive 
Sika Tack ASAP 


Sika Urethane Metal and Glass Primer 
Sika 206 G+P  





Position the roof opening sliding glass panel to the fully OPEN position. 

Remove the antenna. For additional information, refer to Section 415-00 . 

  1. NOTE: A new roof opening panel front trim seal is supplied with the new front trim panel. 

Remove the roof opening panel front trim seal. 

  1.  WARNING: Always wear eye protection when servicing a vehicle. Failure to follow this instruction may result in serious personal injury. 
  2.  WARNING: Wear protective gloves when handling components or parts that have pointed or sharp edges. Failure to follow this instruction may result in serious personal injury. 

NOTICE: Make sure the cutting blades are changed where the cutting depth changes to avoid damage to the body, trim panels or windshield moulding. 


NOTE: Lubricate the urethane adhesive with water to aid the Deluxe Windshield Removal Tool when cutting the urethane adhesive. When using the Deluxe Windshield Removal Tool, place the flat side of the knife against the front trim panel. 


Refer to the urethane adhesive path illustration and begin cutting at the center of the front trim panel and work through towards the opposite corners. 




Rotate the trim panel up and forward to clear the side trim panel. Cut off or bend the 2 steel alignment tabs if necessary. 
Remove the front trim panel assembly and discard. 






NOTE: For additional urethane adhesive guidelines, refer to the manufacturer's installation information. 


          1. NOTE: Avoid scratching the painted surfaces. For minor scratches or exposed metal, see the manufacturer's recommendations. 


               Using an appropriate tool, trim the urethane adhesive and pads leaving no more than 0.5 mm (0.01 in) base of original equipment urethane along the roof opening module surface. 




           2. NOTE: Make sure the water channel is free from any foreign material. 


               Using a soft brush or vacuum, remove any dirt or foreign material from the roof opening panel module. Clean residual adhesive tape from the housing using a suitable cleaner. 


          3. NOTICE: Be sure to use the same brand of cure-rate products for the urethane adhesive and primer. Do not mix different brands of urethane adhesive and primer.


              Incompatible products can result in seal failure. For additional information, refer to the Material chart in this procedure. 


              Cut the urethane adhesive applicator tip to the specification. 





          4. NOTE: Use either the Air Caulking Gun or a high-ratio, electric or battery-operated caulk gun that will apply the urethane adhesive with less effort and a continuous bead. 


          Apply urethane adhesive on top of the existing trimmed urethane adhesive bead, making sure there are no gaps in the bead. 



          5. NOTICE: When installing urethane adhesive-installed parts, the vehicle must not be driven until the urethane adhesive has cured. Adequate cure time is specified on the drive away chart for each urethane adhesive product as the temperatures and humidity vary. Inadequate or incorrect curing can adversely affect the retention of the trim panel. 


          NOTICE: Make sure the windshield moulding does not get pinched under the front trim panel. The windshield moulding should be pulled over the top of the leading edge of the trim panel during installation. 


          NOTE: Position front trim panel to best overall appearance. 


Apply the front trim panel assembly to the roof module. Work the trim panel down using only vertical pressure. 


Install the antenna. For additional information, refer to Section 415-00 . 

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