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Sync 2 to sync 3 not working?

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Hii everyone 

I have ford edge 2017 that comes with sync 2 and I want replace it for sync 3 

I found sync 3 system from kuga 2018 

I replaced the system and something not working like button on steering wheel so I use for scan and copy ab files from new edge 

copy with forscan to my edge and everything works!!!

but the nevigation don’t work!!

it shows me the last place where was the ford kuga before accident and wrote me that is looking for gps

i take the original gps antenna from the roof of the kuga and replace it in my dashboard 

and I want ask you if you know what i do wrong 

and how can i fix this nav issue?

thanks in advance 🙏🏼

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Because this was not the native system to your car, it could be a host of items.


I'd begin by trying a master reset or a SYNC 3 reset.


For th he Master Reset:  Start by pressing the PHONE hard button, then choose the SETTINGS tab, select ADVANCED and select MASTER RESET from the menu. Press YES to confirm and the system will reset.


For the SYNC 3 reset: select the radio. Then hold in the POWER button (center of the control knob) and the RIGHT SEEK button at the same time. Hold for at least 5 seconds until the display indicates that SYNC is resetting.


Question. How did you reprogram the nav system to your VIN?

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Hii thanks for answer 

i copy edge 2019 vin number 

and download built in files and load it with forscan , that’s all I do.

i have to do something else?

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