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2016 Sport Front Suspension Noise

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Our 2016 Sport has 31,500 miles on it.  At slower, parking lot speeds, there is something loose in the front end, down low.  Sort of a clunking noise as you go over uneven pavement at lower speeds, especially - 10-20mph.  Just doesn't feel "tight" if that makes sense?  I've been down this path before and it was sway bar links.  I checked those out and they seem tight on both sides.  So do the tie rod ends.  I looked at the control arm bushings and they appear good, too.  Hard for me to believe something is "worn" with that few miles.  Would be more like a failure than being worn out.  


I do have the Premium Care Extended Warranty from Ford.  I'm not sure if suspension components are covered - need to read into that.  Anyone know?


Has anyone had experience with this issue?

Thank you,


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