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  1. These were used one season. They are 18" Sport Edition Rims, shod with Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2 tires in 245/60R/18. They include the sensors. Tires have little wear on them and the rims are in good condition other than some minor marring around the hub bore of a few - see photos. These were used on a 2016 Ford Edge Sport and transformed that vehicle into a tank in the winter. Very impressive with how it stopped in snow/slush/ice. I paid over $1,500 for this setup. I'm asking $850 and am location in Wooster, Ohio - 44691. I can consider shipping them; however, that's at your expense. Last I looked, I would figure on $60-70/wheel. That was to NY and Iowa. Let me know if there are questions. You will struggle to find a nicer set! Shumax
  2. 2.7 ECO. 27k on the clock (9k on new engine). Always run top tier, 93 octane, fuel. Oil changes with SYN every 5k, at least. Lately, while in neutral, the engine will drop to about 350 RPMP, stumble, catch itself and then return to an idle around 650-750 RPM's. It's repeatable, almost on a cycle of about every 10-12 seconds. I do not notice, while stopped, in D, S, or R. I'm due for an oil change, so I'll have the dealer look at it. Any thoughts, though? Shumax
  3. Trying to swap tires around. I have an 18" package of snow tires on a 2016 Sport. Will they fit a 2020 ST?
  4. The rims are ASA Gt12's from Tire Rack back in 2018-ish. Trying to sell to another member that has an ST with the upgraded brakes. We're 4 hours apart, so it's not as easy as swinging by and bolting one up. Ugh. Not sure how to land it, for sure...
  5. These were used in my 2016 Ford Edge Sport. They are in excellent condition. Includes the rear trunk/cargo area mat, too. Located in Wooster, Ohio 44691. Will ship at the buyers expense. $100.
  6. Priced lowered to $750....
  7. I have lots of photos, but am having a difficult time uploading them to the site. Says files are too large, but they aren't. Let me know if you can't see them. Thanks.
  8. What's confusing to me is that the packaging that 1004Ron shows indicates a part number of gl37 9b325 b. But, the actual part shows gl34 9b325 db. So, yea - which is it? HAHA...
  9. Thanks, all. Only curious - that part points to the 3.0 engine. Maybe I'm missing something...?
  10. Great news! Would you happen to have the part numbers from the invoice? I have the extended warranty, but with a $100 deductible. If close/below that figure, I'm just going to do it myself. Not worth the hassle with the stealership. Will try cleaning it, too, per the video posted. Thanks!
  11. Because I didn't have it there. I had my Explorer there for the tranny flush....
  12. I was at the dealer having the tranny fluid flushed on my 2019 Explorer Sport and brought this issue up. They finished my sentence by saying it was likely the canister or the purge valve. The manager, who is a family friend, urged me to try SeaFoam in the gas tank. I asked him if that's ok on the turbo 2.7 as I thought we weren't supposed to do that as it could damage the impellers on the turbos? He said he runs it in his turbo Fusion and has no issues. I do trust him as he is a family friend, but thought I'd better run that past some folks here. Maybe that's just on the induction side and going through the fuel is fine? They did say that if that doesn't fix it, bring it in and they would see if there was a code. If there was a code, they could replace it under warranty. Shumax
  13. Interesting timing on this as I was going to post more about it. Mine is now doing it on nearly every fill up. It stumbles and almost stalls. But, as noted above, only when I fill it up. How do I replicate this to the dealer? I almost need to have them come to the gas station with me and fill it up to replicate it...? Has anyone else experienced this and had it repaired successfully? Is this covered under the emissions warranty, which is longer? I don't have my owners manual handy - what is the warranty on that portion, if it is covered under emissions? Thanks, Shumax