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  1. My 2016 Edge Sport was in for an alignment. 31,000 miles. Dealer confirmed nothing was bent. This was the “best they could do” with the alignment and told me they can’t adjust the camber and it’s off by nearly two degrees on the left front. Something seems off to me. Am I off base?
  2. Anyone have instructions on HOW to replace the strut mounts on a 2016?
  3. They did indicate it (strut mount) would have been covered, subject to my deductible.
  4. Our 2016 Sport has 31,500 miles on it. At slower, parking lot speeds, there is something loose in the front end, down low. Sort of a clunking noise as you go over uneven pavement at lower speeds, especially - 10-20mph. Just doesn't feel "tight" if that makes sense? I've been down this path before and it was sway bar links. I checked those out and they seem tight on both sides. So do the tie rod ends. I looked at the control arm bushings and they appear good, too. Hard for me to believe something is "worn" with that few miles. Would be more like a failure than being worn out. I do have the Premium Care Extended Warranty from Ford. I'm not sure if suspension components are covered - need to read into that. Anyone know? Has anyone had experience with this issue? Thank you, Shumax
  5. shumax

    2016 Sport Front Suspension Noise

    Slow part of the forum here, I guess. As an update, this ended up being a loose jam nut on the right front tie rod. I have no idea how that happened - it was 3 turns loose - yikes! The dealer tightened it and performed an alignment as it was out quite a bit. Noise is gone now...!
  6. The issue on mine ended up being a loose jam nut on the tie rod. No clue how it came loose, but it was 3 turns loose - yikes. Tightened that up, aligned it, and the noise is gone.
  7. 2.7 Ecoboost (31k) with engine replaced due to oil consumption about 8-10k ago. At highways speeds - above 65mph, in top gear, it is stumbling and missing. No CEL. You can see the tach jump up and down about 3-400rpm as it happens and the car shakes, too. I always run top tier 93 octane in it, so that's not the issue, either. Anyone have any experience with this? It's going into the dealership Thursday for a suspension clunk, too, so will have them sort this then. Just looking to see what others' may have experienced. Thanks, Shumax
  8. shumax

    Engine missing/stumbling at higher speeds

    I drove it again, to the dealer, and never got it to do it again. They drove it and said they couldn't, either. Mentioned there were no codes stored on it, either. So, nothing has been done to it. They tried to tell me it could be the start of a bad MAF, etc. I like this dealer a lot, so I think they were just trying to give me "something" to go with. Regardless, it didn't do it the entire way home and my wife said it was fine yesterday as she drove it. So, I think I'll let it be until it comes back and gets worse...?
  9. shumax

    Engine missing/stumbling at higher speeds

    I just noticed it today, for the first time; though, I don't drive the car much - it's my wife's. She mentioned she's not noticed it. I took it for another drive this evening and it didn't do it. So, I'm not sure what to make of it now.
  10. shumax

    2016 Sport Front Suspension Noise

    Here's an update.... Took it to the dealer today and the tech road with me and said he heard, and FELT, the noise/condition. Said he didn't think it was a strut mount; sounded too "low" down to be that. Thought it could be the steering rack. I've had two of those replaced on Explorer's before. $$$. Thank goodness for the extended warranty. It goes back in, in a few weeks to let them dig into it. On my drive there, I also then noticed a humming sound in the front left around 50-60mph. I could feel some roughness in the steering wheel, too. Sounds like a wheel bearing, but it didn't change pitch as I rocked the steering wheel back and forth. Anyone have experience with these on this vintage? I'll have them look at that, too, while it's in for the suspension noise... Shumax
  11. shumax

    Wheel Bearing?

    2016 Ford Edge Sport with 31,500. I've noticed a strange humming noise at about 50-60mph on the front left sized. Sounds like a groan and I can feel it in the steering wheel, too. Does NOT change if I move the steering wheel side to side, though. Anyone have any experience with these on this vintage? Thanks, Shumax
  12. Can anyone tell me how to orient the new mount? That yellow dot means something - it's been a while since I've done these. I know that means something; just can't remember what/where that needs to line up. Also, anyone have suggestions on a spring compressor other than the ones you can use from AutoZone? Those babies are scary... Thanks again, Shumax
  13. Thanks again. I did read it - just says struts, not mounts/strut bearings. Parts seems to be $80 from Rockauto. If not for removal of the cowling, it appears easy enough I would do it myself as my deductible on that warranty is $200. still waiting to hear back from the service department at my dealer...
  14. Wonderful. Thanks again! We purchased the extended care warranty from Ford on this vehicle. Any sense for whether or not this type of repair will be covered by the warranty? I have a call into the dealership, but have not heard back. Thanks again for all of the assistance. Have a great weekend!
  15. This is wonderful - thank you! What's missing? How do you get to the third nut on top of the strut, in the engine bay? I fear that answer is removing the cowling in there which appears to be laborious. Any insight on that? Thanks again for the help and prompt reply!
  16. shumax

    PTU Fluid Change

    I had the PTU fluid changed on my 2016 Sport, with 28,000 miles. Firestone charged me $90, including the fluid. I sent it out to Blackstone to have it looked over. The tech told me there was some sludge on the drain plug, but no shavings. Said it ran fluid, but was thick. Said changing it was the right move. Replaced with the OEM fluid. Interested to see what Blackstone has to say about it's condition... Shumax
  17. 2019 Edge SE. Stock alarm system. The alarm is very sensitive - having a basketball hit the car sets it off. Not from dropping the ball from 10'; rather, in the drive and the kids lose control of it and it bumps into the car. Also, if someone gets too close to it, it will sound. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity, or am I off to the dealer to have them look at it? Thanks! Shumax
  18. It’s a stock system - all OEM. Sounds like there is no way to adjust sensitivity, correct? May have to go to the dealer and show them...
  19. Need to replace the tires on my 16 Sport. The tire I am looking at has no warranty on 255/50/20, but does on 265/50/20. I think the 245/50/20 is too skinny. Will the 265/50/20 rub? Thanks!
  20. shumax

    265/50/20 fit a 2016 Sport?

    I ended up with 255/50/20 Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus. Had them on an Explorer and liked them. They balanced down to real low (single digit) roadforce figures. They are very smooth. Happy with the purchase!
  21. The lug nuts on my 2016 Sport have swollen and need to be replaced. Not wanting to deal with it again, I did NOT buy the Motorcraft lug nuts. Instead, I got these on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/DPAccessories-D3718-2305-20-Chrome-14x1-5/dp/B00I82CIAM/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Ford%7C54&Model=Edge%7C5858&Year=2016%7C2016&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive Nice quality and look sharp. My concern? I bolted them up and they thread right up, but they don't have as "fat" an end as the OEM ones. The taper seems shorter on these compared to OEM. They tightened right up and seem to fit flush. I'm just concerned they don't fit right as they aren't overlapping the edge of the lug hole on the rim as much as the OEM versions. Given my wife and kids are in this car, I want to be 200% sure. Can you experts put an eye ball on this and provide feedback? The OEM nut is the top photo. See how the taper flares out to the sides, just a bit? Next photo are the replacements - note, no flare to them. Perhaps that doesn't matter? The taper of the new lug nuts seats in that hole well enough and doesn't seem like the lug hole could go over the lug. Perhaps I'm fine? Thanks, Shumax
  22. shumax

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Hey, thanks so much for doing that! Yours appear to seat in the lug hole like mine. Did you notice that they didn't seem to flange out, and as long, as the OEM version? That's my concern with what I have. They "say" they fit, but they certainly didn't have the same flange and length of taper at the OEM version. Just makes me nervous...
  23. shumax

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Can u post a photo of them in the lug hole as I did above? Would really appreciate it - thanks!
  24. 2007 Ford Edge SEL V6 AWD. Replaced the front lower control arms with MOOG parts at 110,000 miles back on 1/2/16. now, ~18-months later at 128,000, I noticed noise in the front end. Upon inspection, I noticed the ball joints had play in them! RockAuto will replace the part, but no refund. Too boot, I have to pay to ship them back. I ended up ordering OEM arms for $160/arm as I don't want to deal with this again in 18,000 miles. The cost is in the labor to remove and replace. Very frustrating! Buyer beware! Shumax