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Reference Series 3-1/2" 2-way car speaker (only 1)

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I couldn't hear the young lady's voice clearly enough from the SYNC/navigation system in the Edge ST. She sounded like either she, or me, was underwater. I came to the conclusion the voice only originates from the center dash speaker. So I replaced it with a better one. The one I chose for the upgrade is an Infinity Reference REF-3032cfx Reference Series 3-1/2" 2-way car speaker.


I'm amazed with the voice clarity now. The OEM center dash speaker was a cheap paper one and it's magnet was so weak it wouldn't hold a paper clip. I didn't find that the center dash speaker contributed much to music... maybe none, if it does it would only be an improvement as well.


Any way, I only used one speaker of the pair and would like to sell the other (one) speaker, it's new in the box and has never been installed.


I'm asking US $50 including shipping.

20200708_195436 resized.jpg

20200708_195607 resized.jpg

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I bought a "single" from another owner who bought a pair and can agree that the sound quality is greatly improved.

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