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SRS Light On Passenger Sensor D

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Have SRS light that stays on and have OCS Code:  B00C3:13-08.  

Additional Fault Symptom:  Circuit Open




I have looked under passenger seat and disconnected the yellow connector and all connectors to the Occupant Classification Module



Did not help.  How can I test the Open Circuit?  Should I fine the Airbag Control Module (located under console - supposedly) and check for loose connections there?  If all that is connected ok, any suggestions on how to find the fault?


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Since the DTC mentions Sensor "D" I figured I should look all around the seat frame for multiple sensors and maybe luck into finding something obvious and sure enough I found the connector wires were severed when the harness "fell" into the track and once someone moved the seat, poof...Spliced in the wires and made sure the harness does NOT fall back into the track.  Started up the car and DTC is now gone!!  Figured I'd follow-up in case this happens to someone else..



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