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Forget painted calipers. Still that UGLY CALIPER. ✔️ CHECK out my CCI custom brake caliper covers. Aluminum. Earth magnet 🧲 secured. Easy install. Custom paint and logos. 1 yr. in Ops with no issues. Tested to 160 mph. Highly recommend. Pic is front Caliper with LINCOLN on the face. The front Caliper is BIG. The cover shows well. Newmembers. Nice forum.


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Perhaps a link to your website?

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Hello Enigma-2

Thanks for the compliment. Means the world.
I desired a complete wheel makeover. I call it "Wheel Art". Horrid wheels are a turn-off. The first thing I view at a vehicle are the wheels!!! Some like performance stuff. I prefer well knitted appearance stuff. 
My ArtWork 2021Project :
■ GRAPHINE  coated wheel wells. Always look factory new. 
■ DFC R1 OEM GEOMET Euro treated never rust carbon steel rotors. A year now in use with no rust on the hats, vented tops or internal veins. I live in the Great Lakes Region. 
Go wild with drilled/slotted if that's your fortay. They offer them.
Afforable. R1concepts.com or 888-712-6623. 
    Shop 954.802.7159  Owner - Ronnie
    Site - calipercoversbycci.com
Owner is a genius, passionate, and ethical. His product designed for awesome authentic caliper look and practical longevity. Implodes the competitors stuff. CCI covers gives the illusion of custom made calipers. Any vehicle make, custom colours, and logos. CCI's design even directs the brake dust away from the wheels.
I've seen some companies in the biz. Hmm, MGP comes to mind. They look fake. Almost toy like. Held on with nuts and screws. CCI's use super strong earth 🧲. 
I experience alot of "Hey are they custom calipers?" in parking lots and on the road from MKX, Edge, Audi, BMW and the like. Probably alot more if my wheels were non OEM. I like the Edge / MKX front calipers for they are really large and look the part. 
Hope this helps you and others at the forum. 
Drive Safe. God Speed   
            Fair Winds and Following Seas
Edited by Christopher Buemi esq.
forgot closing

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