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2012 Ford Edge AC Issue

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Hey all I'm new to the forum and really wish I would have found this sooner! I have a 2012 Ford Edge SE 3.5L approaching 300K miles. What a great vehicle it's my daily driver. I've been tracking down an A/C issue since the clutch burned up on the compressor. I have recently replaced the Compressor thinking that was the issue. It was not. Here is what is going on. New compressor installed, system evacuated and charged. Verified the fuses and relays are in good working order. Lastly I need to check is the AC clutch diode but I'm thinking it is good since the fuses are good. When I turn the ac on the inside blower works as it should but the AC clutch does not engage and only hot air is coming out. For some reason the AC clutch is not engaging. I do not have the Sync control I have the old push button on off climate control so I don't think a reset is in order. I'm out of ideas and could use some direction. Any ideas on what to check?

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If your certain that pressures are good and the clutch is not engaging you need to check the electrical part of the system.


Start by removing the plug at the compressor and testing the voltage between the leads with the engine running. Expect 0-volts with the A/C off and ~14-Volts with the A/C on.


If you see voltage, the clutch is getting signal to turn on and its failure to do so makes it suspect. (Try some impact engineering to see if it's sticking.)


If you don't see voltage and your certain the fuses are good, suspect the low or high pressure switches. (These are designed to keep the compressor from running if the pressures are out of tolerance). Take a paper clip or jumper and jump the leads of each switch separately. If a switch is bad, jumping across it should allow the compressor to start.


BTW, are you getting any codes? Something like P1461/P1469?


Edit: another method is to run a jumped directly from the battery to the clutch terminals. If it engages, fuses, relays and high/ low pressure  switches are next in line. If their good, the A/C switch in the cabin.

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