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2012 Ford Edge Brake issue- Random ABS pump engage

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Hello all, I have a 2012 for edge 3.5L front wheel drive. I keep getting the service advancetrack warning and the warning light with car and skid marks. Along with that warning the ABS pump will come on while mild braking. If I drive straight after the engine has been shut off its fine but as soon as I turn left or merge onto the expressway I get the warning and then the ABS pump will come on. I have swapped the front wheel bearings recently and I'm wondering if I installed improperly but the issue was not immediate after the bearing swap. What I have done... I have swapped wheel sensors, Brake Booster, and even the steering wheel positioning sensor thinking that could be it. It's still doing it. The vehicle still brakes as it should but the ABS coming on will throw you for a loop at times. Looking for some direction. Could I have installed the pressed bearings incorrectly is there anything else I should check?

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