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FS: Audiophile 4 speakers (no subwoofer)


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I replaced my audiophile 4 speakers from the doors, that doesn't mean that these are that bad, actually for my surprise they are pretty good. I opened them, and they have a real thick paper pressed cone, on the beefy woofer, and a nice 1" tweeter connected to a good crossover, not just a 4uF cap in series as most of the aftermarket considered s better replacements will have.

The only drawback, and I'm not sure what the hell the Ford engineers where thinking while they designed them, and that keeps those speaker from doing a decent job, is that they enclosed them with a plastic grill that blocks 80% or more of the area of the woofer cone, that should be completely exposed, anyway they are protected by the grill at the door. Here is a picture I borrowed from Lex, from illustrations purposes, hope he doesn't mind...




If you remove that grill area, cutting it all around with a dremmel, and creating a circular cutout, same size of the woofer cone, and reattach the woofer after, I'm pretty sure that they will sound a lot better, unfortunately I realized that, after I ordered "my upgrades"...and the amount of work behind was not worth the hassle as to return the DLS, that anyway will be better speakers.


Not saying that many aftermarket will not sound better, but not all aftermarkets will, as a side note I heard a few of the most acclaimed brands around, while searching, and I was not pleased with the sound I got from any of them, until I got my DLS 457's...of course these are on a different league.


A decent offer will get them 4, otherwise will eBay them...

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