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2017 Edge SEL 3.6LV6 Tow Options

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I've been reading the previous comments trying to get an idea about my Edge ability to tow a Rockford A212HW A-Frame camper. A trailer guy this morning told me that I should have an intercooler already on vehicle but now I'm not so sure. What's the easiest way to check outside of booking a examination by a Ford service dept? I'd like to take this camper on a week long trip down to New Orleans from Columbus Ohio area  to my wife's cousin wedding in mid April. I've always wanted to do a scenic route trips instead of flying everywhere. Has anyone here successfully towed one of these hardwall campers before?  Appreciate any help/advice here. Thanks!

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Did it (3.5 V6 not 3.6) come with the factory towing package?


If yes, then it is rated to tow 3500 pounds.

If no, if you added a hitch and wiring, then the limit is 2000 pounds. The differences include trailer sway control on the towing package, I don't know if it includes extra coolers.


Loaded that trailer is around 3,300 pounds (I think...). So you would have to have the factory tow package to tow that trailer, even empty.


Since your vehicle isn't turbocharged, it won't have an intercooler. They must mean either external (aux) transmission cooler?

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I talked to a Ford parts person and they checked my VIN# and they said that mind didn't come with any trailer prep packages like intercooler. I plan on contacting them again when their trailer guy is in to find out what is all that would need to be installed and pricing. Its looking like I would need the intercooler or maube actually the aux trans cooler along with the Class 2 hitch system. 

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On 1/19/2023 at 6:55 PM, dabangsta said:

Again, not sure what this intercooler on a non turbo vehicle is.


You can see if in the Vehicle settings you have trailer sway control.

I'm probably getting the term wrong from what I heard other people say. I think Ive they just said cooler. They probably meant auxiliary trans cooler but they just weren't precise. How do you check settings to see if trailer sway control is installed? If the car never had a class II tow package installed from factory, would it be a good guess that it doesn't have it?

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No hitch from the factory means no factory tow package means no trailer sway control means 2,000 pounds towing which is not enough for that trailer you list.


In the message center (the four way button with OK on the left of the steering wheel), if you go to Settings>Driver Assist, Trailer Sway Control would be listed if it is available.

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