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Navigation Unit Add-on Option

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According to the Ford Edge Accessories Pamphlet, you can currently add on the mobile-ease bluetooth system for your phone and TripTunes Advanced for your mp3 player. However, the ford accessories website also says that TripTunes is not yet available for the navigation radios and the bluetooth system requires the mounting of a small microphone on the headliner near the front windshield and a small operation pad somewhere on the center console. Also, I have e-mailed Ford and placed a request for info on this site regarding whether or not Microsoft SYNC will be offered as an add-on feature later this year when it begins being released on some ford models in the fall. It is completely integrated into the navigation/radio system but requires a USB port in the console for the mp3 player. You will be able to control both your phone and mp3 player with voice commands. Here is a link to ford mobile-ease and triptunes, just search under electronics > electronics: http://www.fordaccessoriesstore.com/fas/b2c/catalog.asp


Also, for videos demonstrating Microsoft Sync, here are some links:





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I finally gave in to impulsive tempation and am having the mobile ease bluetooth installed this Saturday. I have found several very positive, and no negative, reviews for it online. When Sync is released and it can be added on, I may have it installed, but for now mobile ease will do the job. Yelnef

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