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DVD Region

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Ford recently launched the Ford Edge in Brazil, imported from Canada. As the 2009 Edge SEL has been adapted to local standards, there are a few annoyances to those of us who want what is is standard.


There are two things that were adapted to local stndards that I would like to find a resolution:


1. The DVD Region has been set to 4, which prevents me from using DVD's Made in USA (or Region 1). Is there any way I can change the DVD Region to 1, or ALL (i.e., ?


2. Believe or not he DVD player can only play while in PARK. Is there any way I can unlock this restriction to allow the DVD player to play at anytime?


If anyone has solutions, look forward to your help.





Sao Paulo, Brazil

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I think if you push the 3 and 6 buttons simultaneously you will enter into the configuration mode and you might be able to set the region.


There is no easy way to get the DVD to play when not in park. This would actually be illegal in the US, which is why Ford sets it this way.

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