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    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    Why are you even changing coolant on a 2 year old vehicle with 32K kms? You would have been good to go for at least 4 more years! Sometimes messing with stuff causes more problems than it solves.
  2. Waldo

    PTU and warranty

    If ANYTHING is leaking it will be covered by the warranty, except maybe your washer fluid. The dealer's don't decide what get's covered under warranty, Ford does, though with good dealers Ford will trust the dealer to make the judgement, but ultimately if you disagree with the dealer, you can take it up with Ford. Known issues or not-known issues do not change the status of warranty coverage. But you can't just go in and say "I hear others have problems with XX, so please fix it on mine". You have to actually have a problem for anything to be covered.
  3. Waldo

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    Are you saying that every time you are stopped at a traffic light behind another car, you stare intently straight ahead for the entire duration? Imagine the scenario where you're stopped in a pack of cars at a red traffic light and you're looking off to the side at something. A pedestrian starts crossing the street in between your car and the one in front. But just as they are coming up to your bumper, the car in front starts moving, so your ACC starts moving your car too. Crunch. Or what about if you open the window and decide to buy a newspaper or something from a street vendor. Could be a big problem if your car started moving while you had your hands out the window. There are also scenarios where things can change while you're stopped, like things that move in front of you that the radar can't pick up like a dog or small child. And again on the lane change scenario, if you assume the system doesn't see the lane markings, then to the radar that different vector looks exactly like the other car starting a large radius curve in the road. That's a scenario where it already uses AI to assume that you're going to have to start making that same turn and thus it should NOT slow down. Obviously there's still work to be done, like incorporating camera input and even using predictive behavior (the car in the other lane is catching the car in front of him, so he's likely to change lanes in front of me), but for now it's not a simple solution.
  4. Waldo

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    Most of what you want in the first point will be coming in the next generation of the feature. The problem with the cars entering the lane scenario is that in the radar, a car moving into your lane looks a lot like a car starting a sweeping turn. If you started slowing down every time a car started moving into your lane, you'd also be slowing down every time you came to a curve and there was another car ahead of you in the lane on the outside of the curve. Maybe with some further refinements of combining the camera and radar that could be worked out though. I'm surprised that start/stop still activates when you have disable it. That doesn't sound right, are you sure it's still disabled and you didn't switch drive modes or something? But why not just leave it on? It DOES save fuel and it DOESN'T cause excess wear on anything. The resume is necessary though because once you've stopped for a certain period of time, the lawyers want to make sure you're still paying attention. That has nothing to do with start/stop though, that's been the case on all vehicles with full stop cruise control (I think it's actually a FMVSS requirement, not a Ford thing).
  5. Waldo

    Any ideas for turning off AWD?

    Yes the PTU is still spinning the driveshaft. It is connected to the engine/transmission by a bunch of solid metal. There is no way to disconnect it.
  6. Waldo

    Mileage when taking delivery

    Good grief you guys are ridiculous. There's nothing you can do to a car in 70km that's ever going to cause "huge power train failure". If any of you actually saw how they drive every single car around the plant, you'd probably never buy any one of them.
  7. Waldo

    side plastic air deflectors

    I think he's talking about the "tire spoilers" in front of the rear wheels. Their purpose is to direct air away from the moving tire and yes they do make a small difference in fuel economy. Probably not enough difference that you could ever reliably measure, but over the life of the car it would add up to a few gallons.
  8. That's your air intake tube. If it's broken then it likely means you've been getting dirty air into the engine (air is coming in after the air filter). This could cause damage to your throttle body or air flow sensor which could confuse the engine enough to cause it to stall.
  9. Waldo

    Can it really be this easy ?

    If it was really that easy, why wouldn't Ford just do it that way from the factory?
  10. Waldo

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    When you are following another vehicle fairly closely the camera's view of the lines is blocked, so it can only see the lines right in front of your vehicle. This is good enough for Lane Keeping, since it only has to react when you get close to a line, but if it only used the camera in this case you'd end up bouncing around a lot in the lane and it would be late to react to curves. So it uses the radar to assume you're generally following the vehicle in front and sets that as a target, though obviously if the car you're following changes or drifts out of the lane, it will use the camera's input as higher priority.
  11. Waldo

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    Lane Keeping and Lane Centering are two independent systems that can work together or separately. Lane Keeping uses only the camera, while Lane Centering combines input from the camera and the radar module. If Lane Centering can't pick up the lines, then Lane Keeping won't be able to either, though Lane Keeping will still work if it can only pick up one line, while Lane Centering will not. Lane Keeping works differently depending on how you have it set up. If you have it in "both" mode, it will allow you to go further across the line before if gives you the vibration than if it's in "Alert" mode. But if you have Lane Centering on and are actively steering the vehicle towards the line, then it's already applying a correction torque, even as you cross over the line. That correction torque is probably damping out the vibration that you feel.
  12. My 2014 Fusion does this, nothing new.
  13. Waldo

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    Just because it will fit doesn't mean it is safe. Summer tires have a lot more grip than the all-seasons, so when you put on a donut spare you change the handling behavior of the vehicle to a point where it can become dangerous. That's why you don't get a spare with the summer tire package.
  14. Waldo

    Stability control issue in '08 Limited

    Certainly could. Just because they have the same size printed on the side doesn't mean they are actually the same size. Plus the tire properties can be different enough to trick the system. One easy check would be to swap the Michelin onto the other side of the car and see if your problem becomes a left turn problem.