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    Oasis Service report

    The OASIS report will pull up any work done by a dealership and charged back to Ford. It wouldn't likely show any kind of repair for transport damage; transport is the responsibility of a 3rd party and they would take care of any damage on their own. There is a build sheet (not part of OASIS) but all that will do is tell you what options your car should have, but stuff like the liftgate seals are standard so it won't show that. Then there are the internal quality systems from the plant. Those will show what repairs were done to the vehicle at the factory. But they won't tell you that it left the plant without a part. If the plant knew the part was missing and it was logged in the system, the vehicle wouldn't be allowed to leave until the part was repaired and the concern cleared. The truth is many cars have some pretty serious repairs done before they ever leave the plant, you probably wouldn't really want to know what might have been done. You can check the VIN stickers on the liftgate to make sure they match and if they do, just get the dealer to replace the part and don't worry about it.
  2. 400A without black wheels is 1 combination 401A without black wheels is 1 combination 401A with black wheels is 1 combination. Total is 3 combinations If you wanted a 400A with black wheels the total would be 4. By not offering this choice, Ford has reduced the combinations a dealer has to stock by 25%. That is a big deal logistically.
  3. Waldo

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    But neither of those things is going to happen in 2020.
  4. Performance brake packages tend to not work so well in the cold. Seems likely Ford decided not to offer it in Canada because it wouldn't work well. As for the packages, you have to remember that Ford is a mass-market manufacturer and trying to sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Allowing millions of different combinations as they used to is very inefficient and drives cost into the system. So while you might think it's a "money grab", it's really just a way to try to keep the prices down.
  5. Waldo

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    The auto manufacturers have to assume that they will have to pay for every recalled vehicle to be repaired. That's the law. They can't just stop because they don't want to pay anymore. In the end though there's always a large number of vehicles that don't get the recall because they've been wrecked. stolen or otherwise destroyed.
  6. Waldo

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    Yea this is all just from lawyers, this has nothing at all to do with Takata or Ford. This payout is just to compensate you for "inconvenience", it does not mean your recalled vehicle won't be fixed. A recall is a recall, it's regulated by the government, not lawyers. Accepting a payout doesn't mean your vehicle is no longer subject to recall, in many states you wouldn't be able to sell a vehicle if the recall hasn't been completed, even if you accepted some kind of payout.
  7. Waldo

    ECU Programming Tool

    Whenever you consider these things, you need to ask yourself "If it was just simple programming that could improve power and economy, why didn't Ford do it from the factory?" If you are in Chile, chances are you experience fairly severe conditions and possibly low quality of fuel. These are all things that are designed into the software from the factory, and doing any reprogramming could cause issues with driveability, emissions and durability.
  8. 2011 systems use an entirely different electrical architecture from the earlier models. You'd need to create a CAN translator box and write software to convert all the network messages. Basically the parts speak different languages, so it's not going to be a project worth undertaking.
  9. That's more than 10%. That's a huge difference. Imagine how you'd feel if you got a 10% raise at your job...
  10. It usually just comes down to marketing. If Ford decides to advertise the peak HP on premium, they will put the note in the owner's guide. The 3.5 was probably rated on regular, so no need to mention anything.
  11. Waldo

    Steering Angle Sensor??

    It's true that the vehicle learns "drift" and will compensate for it, but this is a short term memory thing that resets on every key cycle. So it cannot be the reason for your steering pull. Try rotating the tires from one side to the other and see if it becomes a pull to the right. Ford sort's tires at the factory so that you have tires that balance each other out, but there's no way to do that in the aftermarket. Could also be that the shop's alignment machine is out of calibration.
  12. If there are any price increases, they won't hit specific vehicles, they will be spread across an entire manufacturers fleet. Just like delivery charges, you get the same charge if you live across the street from the plant or across the country. Ford and most of the other major OEMs balance production globally to hedge against currency and tariff fluctuations. Ford produces just about as many vehicles in Canada as it sells in Canada and exports about as many vehicles from Canada to the US as it exports from the US to Canada, so they will just balance everything out. I think Ford also has hedges against commodity price increases like aluminum, so you won't really see the true impact of the tariffs straight to the sticker price of the vehicles.
  13. Does your 2011 have the manual climate control system? The Sony FCIM only has the controls for the automatic dual zone climate system.
  14. Sync Services is not the same thing as Sync at all. Sync Services was Ford's attempt to mimic some of the OnStar features without having modems in the car. But as akirby mentioned, nobody used it because if you were going to need to have your phone anyway, might as well just use the phone. Now that Ford is putting modems in everything, they can use Ford Pass to offer the important functionality without requiring people to sign up for a subscription.
  15. But if everyone is moving production around just because of tariffs, then the end result will be a less efficient system and higher costs for everybody. Higher costs result in lower demand, which results in lower production, which results in layoffs.