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  1. Pretty sure you didn't pay more than sticker price when you walked out the door.
  2. You're trying to steal a copywrite protected item to save yourself money, and you're accusing Ford of being a Nickel and dimer??
  3. Waldo

    First oil change 2.0 EcoBoost

    You don't trust a feature designed by the engineers at Ford who know everything about the engine and have done millions of miles of testing and simulations, but you do trust a bunch of strangers on the Internet?? That being said I've always run Mobil 1 full synthetic with Motorcraft filters. I don't put a lot of miles on my cars, so I end up changing it yearly.
  4. The same physics that apply to ice driving do not really apply to performance (dry) driving. Tires are very load sensitive and react differently at different slip angles. When you're driving on dry pavement and generating forces over 0.5gs or so, the tire physics are much different than when you're driving on ice with very low forces. The best explanation I can find in a quick google search is this: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=78848 Basically it gets down to tire deformation within the contact patch and how that causes uneven distribution of the pressure. It is true that a wider tire can generate more grip on dry pavement, but it's not because it has a "bigger" contact patch, but rather because it has a wider but shorter one.
  5. Sorry Edgingage, but you do not understand correctly. A tire is a pneumatic device, much like a balloon. Inside the tire is pressurized air. Pressurized air will always distribute itself throughout the tire equally. It will exert the same amount of force at all points on the tire. As a result, when you apply a certain amount of load on that surface, it's going to deform so that the same amount of surface area is in contact with that load. If you have a balloon with air inside at 50psi and you put a 50lb flat surface on top of that balloon, the amount of surface area of the balloon that contacts the loading surface will be exactly 1 square inch. Or to sum it up, at a given tire pressure and load, the contact patch will always be exactly the same total area, no matter what size the tire is. So while a wider tire will have a wider contact patch, it will not have a larger contact patch. The wider tire will have shorter contact patch. That's why narrow snow tires work, because while they make the contact patch narrower, they also make it longer. That gives the front part of the patch some "time" to move the snow out of the way, or compact it into the tread blocks, then the back part of the patch can actually provide grip. So if your real goal is to increase contact area on the ice, then all you need to do is lower your tire pressure. Going to a wider tire won't make any difference.
  6. I still don't understand, why are you looking for a wider winter tire? Narrow tires are better in the snow.
  7. Waldo

    Key Duplicate

    How many keys do you have. If you have 2, you can easily buy something online and do it yourself. If you only have one, it's much more complicated.
  8. What are you really trying to accomplish though? There is no reason to just go "wider", what do you hope that having a wider tire will do? Are you looking for cornering grip, steering response, increased rolling resistance, worse snow traction? The tire size printed on the side of a tire is like a category. The Tire & Rim association publishes guidelines that tire manufacturers follow and it provides a range of dimensions a tire can have and still be labeled with a certain size. That range of dimensions is quite large and can often overlap other sizes. In other words a tire produced by one manufacturer and labeled a 245 might actually measure only 240. But another tire labeled a 245 could be a 253 or something. Sometimes that information is available on sites like Tirerack.com, and sometimes it isn't. Those dimensions are also measured on a specific rim size and at a specific tire pressure and load. You could put the same tire on two different cars and just the weight of the car will change the actual width of the contact patch. And the stiffness of the sidewall and other tire construction parameters can change how much that changes from one tire to another. Not to mention that the tire contact patch width will change as the tire is loaded. When you go into a corner the outside tire will generally get wider and the inside will get narrower, but it's the tire sidewall and construction that influence that. So my point is just saying you "want to buy the widest size I can fit" doesn't really make sense. Why do you want to do this? There are so many different tire parameters that affect how the tire and vehicle work, you can't just focus on one of them.
  9. My 2010 MKT has the same sunroof as the Edge, and earlier this year it wouldn't close. I took some towels and some grease and gave it a good cleaning and now it's back to normal again. Cost me $0. Plenty of youtube videos showing how to do it. The blend door actuators are known to fail from time to time, so no reason to think that's any sign of things to come. I replaced it myself for about $20.
  10. Waldo

    2019 2.0 Intake - cold air kits?

    Turbos are VERY sensitive to the amount of dirt flowing through them. Are you really sure you're aftermarket solutions are filtering effectively and protecting your turbo?
  11. Waldo

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    The Mustang has a totally different water pump than the Edge. Mustang and F150 use external pumps, the Edge and the other FWD based vehicles use an internal pump.
  12. Waldo

    TPMS relearn won't trigger on tire.

    No, they are not compatible. The stem mounted sensors broadcast a slightly different code than the band style sensors. If you really know what you are doing, you could use Forscan and go into the BCM and change the parameters so it would accept the sensors, but the relearn tool you have is not going to be able to get them to work.
  13. Waldo

    To big of tire?

    Ford design's their tire size to leave millimetres of clearance, not inches. I think this will cause huge problems.
  14. Waldo

    Edge vs. Taurus?

    Well yes, Ford and just about every other car manufacturer try to make their vehicles look fairly similar when they are in the showroom together. The 2020 Edge looks a lot like the 2020 Fusion in the front. The 1992 Taurus looks a lot like the 1992 Mustang, 1992 Tempo and 1992 Crown Vic. Take a look at a 2017 Continental and 2017 MKZ from the front and see if you can even tell which is which.
  15. Waldo

    Collision avoidance display light illumination

    Sounds like it might be out of calibration. The dealer should be able to re-calibrate it fairly easily. There should never be any "self-test" of anything while you are driving.