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  1. Why would it need to? It's looking ahead at the car in front of you. It would never let you get close enough to something that it would lose sight behind the front of the car. Besides the radar is still there, it can "see" everything in front and isn't blocked by the hood. The cameras that are used in the 360 parking view is mounted in the front grill, not the windshield.
  2. It would be like trying to install Windows on a Commodore 64.
  3. You have a camera, but you don't have the IPMA module that interprets the image so that the ACC can use it.
  4. Yes, the new system incorporates the windshield camera as well as the radar. The modules that are used for Adaptive Cruise include the PCM, BCM, SCCM, Gateway, ABS, RCM, IPMA, IPC and CCM. Chances are you'd have to replace most of those because the software you need likely wouldn't be compatible with the modules you have. It will likely end up being cheaper to swap out your 2017 for a 2019 vehicle than it will be to try to correctly update the ACC on your 2017.
  5. I have done a few of those things, but one thing I have never done is ignore a screen that was playing something in my field of view. I consider myself a very focused driver, I can usually ignore everything my wife says while I'm driving, but I know I could never avoid being distracted by a screen playing right there in front of me.
  6. It's true that the rear shafts are designed to less than the max torque of the vehicle, but in slippery low speed situations, they can still handle 100% of the available torque if that available torque is less than half of the max torque. That's how Ford can say they can deliver 100% to the rear on an Edge. And you've got your physics backwards. A shorter axle will be able to handle much less torque (not load, torque) than a longer axle of equal diameter. That's how they can be so thin, because they are fairly long. And the only difference between 4WD and AWD is which marketing department decided to put the badge on the vehicle. There is no technical delineation between the two. Consider that the 2011-2019 Explorer had a 4WD badge but the AWD badged Edge and Flex used exactly the same system.
  7. Waldo

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Do you know of any manufacturers out there that recommend water pump replacements as part of scheduled maintenance? The Edge and Fusion of the time were based on a Mazda platform. It would have costs hundreds of millions of dollars to make the engine bay wider, and even then, would have resulted in a vehicle with poor turning circle and worse fuel economy.
  8. Waldo

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    The engine only needs to be off for 0.6 seconds for it to save fuel. Think of all the wear and tear you are saving on the engine by not having it idling for all that time, it adds up to dozens of hours over the vehicle's life. I'm still a little confused as to why so many people don't like it. Is it the (incorrect) assumption of extra wear, is it the slight noise and vibrations on start-up, is it the reduced climate performance, is it the inability to creep along after stopping? Those are all semi-legitimate reasons, but all can be overcome once you get used to it.
  9. Waldo

    Octane Additives

    Just about any Ford engine since about 2010 can "take advantage" of higher octane. But the ecoboosts will show much more difference than the non-turbos.
  10. Waldo

    AWD to FWD Conversion

    My understanding was that there is a "common wall" between the PTU and the trans, such that when you remove the PTU there is no longer a wall on the side of the transmission where the PTU used to be. The internals of the trans are all the same, but the covers are different. Maybe I'm remembering this from some other vehicle though.
  11. Waldo

    AWD to FWD Conversion

    You'll have a big gaping hole in the side of your transmission where the PTU used to act as a cover.
  12. Waldo

    Buying Back my Lease

    Yes, you will pay taxes on the residual value. That's because when you were leasing, you were only paying taxes on the lease price, not the total price of the vehicle. That's actually one of the significant advantages of leasing - that you are essentially deferring the tax charges instead of financing them. I've never had to go to take care of registration myself anytime I've purchased from a dealer in Ontario, but maybe in Quebec they have different rules. But basically the dealer had to send one of their employees to the "Service Ontario" office and had it done, then called me to come back and pick it up. So if you're in a hurry you could do it yourself and save time.
  13. Waldo

    Buying Back my Lease

    I had mine taken care of by my dealer in Ontario. I did have to have a safety inspection done though because it technically is a transfer of ownership. But once I brought them the safety report (from Canadian Tire), they took care of all the paperwork and I just wrote them a check.
  14. Waldo

    Sync update question

    Your car has about 20 different computer modules that all can be updated periodically, but Sync (APIM) is the only one you can do yourself. The only time your vehicle would ever "need" an update for anything else would be if there was a recall, and then it would be free. So if the dealership isn't doing it for free, then it is a money-grab for sure.
  15. Waldo

    gas tank capacity at empty

    That's an old "wives tail" like the 3000 mile oil change. The fuel passing through the pump is enough to keep it cool. I mean the engine doesn't have to be submerged in coolant to keep it cool? Just the coolant passing through is enough. The biggest risk of damage when you run out of fuel is running lean while you're on boost. In my old turbo RX7 doing that just once could blow out the seals in the rotary engine. If it runs out while you're just cruising along, there's isn't going to be any damage done.