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Important Question ('09 EDGE)


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Ok...so this would is an important question regarding the keyless entry pad on the exterior of the Edge. Woulnt it be easy to break into if there is that key pad..i mean all you have to do is enter and random code and by chance the door unlocks...is there a way not to use it...or disengage it??


Hi FourDoor. :D No, it does not make a car easy to break into. A keyless keypad is not the way a criminal is going to gain access to your vehicle. If someone wants to break into or steal your car, they are not going to stand around punching in random numbers. They will pull the lock, or use a "slimjim" to pop the lock, or break a window, etc etc.


First, it is much harder to hit a random code than you would believe. Second, if cars that were equipped with keyless entry keypads were being stolen/broken into on a regular basis using the keypad, don't you think that it would have been widely reported by the Police/Media/News Outlets/Insurance Companies, etc etc. The reason you have not heard any widespread warnings about keyless keypads is because they are not a theft problem.


Additionally, after an individual inputs seven incorrect code attempts, the system shuts down for a predetermined time. Again, a thief is not going to stand around waiting for the system to reactivate.


Bottom line, there are many legitimate things to worry about in life. This is not one of them.


Concerning whether the keypad can be disabled: While I do not believe so, I do not know the definitive answer as to whether it is possible. I can tell you that the Owners Manual makes no mention and gives no instructions for disabling it. So if it is possible, it would probably need to be done through the Dealership.


But again, while it is a free country and you are free to do as you like with your own vehicle, I would not waste much time thinking or worrying about this subject. Just my opinion.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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