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A/C Adapter Switch Installation

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My hope is to install a single pole switch in the wiring of the A/C adapter beneath the radio and heater controls. Since Ford doesn't switch the A/C adapters with the ignition, the best option for me is to install a switch. I've removed the big main cover above the power point. Looking down at the adapter, the job would be easier if I could remove it to splice the wiring to a switch. Locating a spot for a switch looks easy. How do I remove the A/C adapter (slide it forward assuming sufficient wire slack) or the plastic panel that's it's attached to? Looks like either would give me access to the wires to splice in the switch. Thanks in advance.


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I can see a red wire coming out of the A/C adapter. I'm assuming it's the hot one? I don't have any color code information. The area around and behind the adapter is pretty dense with "stuff" so it's hard to tell if there is very much wire slack or not. Wire looks small in diameter - 22-24 guage maybe?


Why am I doing this? I have a XM receiver plugged into the adapter all the time, which means every stop needs not only turning the receiver off (preserve the lithium ion battery) but pulling the plug as well. Draining the car battery shortens life. I also sometimes use a GPS. When both are in use, I plug both into 2 way adapter splitter. I suppose I could drop $10 and buy a 3 way adapter splitter with a switch, which would be okay. They are not that easy to find even though Crutchfield has a Maxsa that would work. I just thought the switching the source would be cleaner. Not to mention I don't want to take on trying to wire up a switching relay because of the lack of wire color code info.


That's it.




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