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AC not working after purging AC drain

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I drive a 2008 Edge, pre-owned. Its had its fair share of problems, but recently i followed some advice on this forum about a sloshing sound in the AC unit and water dripping down on my foot while turning. Someone said to purge the AC drain with air, and that worked. But now it seems like the Fan stoped working, and it only blows air when I am driving fairly fast. Do i need to replace a fan module or something? Sorry in advance, I don't know much about cars.

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I just went through this on my 2011.  Had about a gallon stuck in there and the blower would shoot water around every time I turned left. I'm assuming all the water would eventually kill the blower motor but I unclogged the drain tube immediately after noticing the issue. The Edge's blower is really easy to access and replace.

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