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Tailgate intermittent


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Sometime it works, sometimes it just tries to work. When it tries to work, it seems to start to open on its left side but not completely. That seems a bit odd to me because as far as I know, the lock assembly is centrally located. I have made sure the catch (gate and body) are clean. Any suggestions? Does something need to be lubricated? Weak solenoid? FWIW this car (16 titanium) has been one of the best overall vehicles I've ever owned. Not the fastest/quickest but overall great.

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@ksquared: Good to hear your Edge has been reasonably trouble-free since you purchased it in late 2019.


Because you describe the liftgate raising in a more pronounced way on its left side, where the power motor assembly is located, I'm wondering if you've ever replaced the gas-filled lift assist strut that is located on the right side of the liftgate?


The following, from the 2016 Edge Workshop Manual, is an edited version of Power Liftgate diagnostic Pinpoint Test "I", aimed toward evaluating the gas-filled lift assist strut...


Possible Causes

  • Excessive weight on the liftgate, such as snow, ice or a bicycle rack
  • Liftgate assist cylinder
  • Power liftgate initialization



If results indicate Liftgate cylinder replacement is needed, help from an assistant to support the weight of the Liftgate while the retaining clips are released, the Liftgate cylinder is removed, and the Liftgate is manually lowered in a safe and controlled way...









Web searching the Ford part number will likely many online sellers and lower pricing.


If the Liftgate cylinder supports the Liftgate at all positions, then you may want to perform the Power Liftgate Initialization procedure from the Edge Workshop Manual...


Power Liftgate Initialization

  1. Disconnect the battery or remove the RGTM fuse(s).
  1. NOTE: Remove the battery power from the RGTM for 20 seconds before entering initialization mode.

    Wait 20 seconds and reconnect the battery or reinstall the RGTM fuse(s).
  1. If the liftgate is not already in the fully closed position, manually close and fully latch the power liftgate.
  1. Using a diagnostic scan tool, clear all fault codes for the RGTM .
  1. NOTE: If equipped, make sure the power liftgate system is turned ON in the message center before performing this step.

    NOTE: If the power liftgate does not open during this step, refer to the Symptom Chart to diagnose the inoperative power liftgate.

    Power open the liftgate by using a programmed RKE transmitter or the front control switch.
  1. Once the liftgate is fully open, power close the liftgate by using a programmed RKE transmitter or the front power liftgate control switch.
  1. Carry out the RGTM self-test.


The wiring diagram shows the Rear Gate Trunk Module (RGTM) power is protected by Fuse 10 (5-amp)...








If neither of these courses of action yield improvement, you may want to get your Edge's modules scanned for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), perhaps at a National Brand auto parts store or your favorite neighborhood parts store, then please report back and we'll consider additional diagnostic procedures. 


Several of the above references are attached below as PDF documents...


Good luck!


Body Control Module (BCM) - Location Illustration - 2016 Edge.pdf Rear Gate Trunk Module (RGTM) - Power Distribution Wiring Diagram - 2016 Edge.pdf Body Control Module (BCM) - Fuse-Circuit(s) Listing - 2016 Edge.pdf Body Control Module (BCM) - Illustration Showing Fuse & Connector Locations - 2016 Edge.pdf Power Liftgate Initialization - General Procedures - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf

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