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Took Delivery Today

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A beautiful Sterling Grey CC Metallic with Black leather Limited.

20 inch tires

trailer tow package

cargo package



remote start


Wow this car is really fun, my Lexus buying sister even likes it. I took her a Lincoln MKX brochure just in case she wants to go American.


As life goes most of the time, the vehicle which was driven from another dealer in another state, has a malfunction in the BAMR. The headliner does not smoothly retract and closed it is loose and wrinkled. Of course I had the option at the time of refusing the car until it was fixed, but decided the chances for further trouble were much less in my garage than theirs. They are ordering parts to fix the issue. Anybody out there with a BAMR have this issue and how was it resolved?


Put a 100 miles on it today and the first thing that I noticed was the transmission shifted very smooth and there was next to no torque steer. It is a FWD model.


I made sure that I got the latest NAV with the hard drive and since I haven't read the manual yet still don't know much about the system. Can't wait to pair up my bluetooth phone and start learning the system. It does sound very nice, listened to Sirius, have XM in my other car so nothing really new here just have to learn the interface.


Other than the BAMR issue, I'm really pleased with this car. I'm coming from a 2002 Eddie Bauer Explorer, and although it is smaller on the inside, it certainly seems much more refined. Oh yea, it has Pirelli tires. Anybody out there have any experience with them. I was hoping that it would come with Michelins but the Pirelli's seem to look nice and it rides just fine with not much tire noise.


Appreciate your thoughts and comments on the BAMR issue, thanks--ce

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Well, your Edge has more 2nd row leg room than an Explorer! Common probs with the BAMR are (there are numerous threads in here regarding the hole in the roof)...


Rattling trim ring in the fixed glass portion

The buttons don't light up (in the Edge, unless you mod them)

Popping/creaking sounds when opening/closing


ugh...and that ugly bug catcher that pops up when it opens.



regardless of these, I love mine!

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