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Autolock & Autounlock problem discovery

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I think I figured out recently what causes the autolock and autounlock features to deprogram themselves in my '07 Edge SE. If the autolock and autounlock features are both "on" and working as they should and I change the Auto Lights headlights off delay (seen as "AL" on the odometer readout) to change the delay time for the headlights to turn off after exiting the vehicle, this action somehow deprograms the autolock and autounlock features. I can't figure it out. Now, however, I have something concrete to show the dealer that something is definitely not right. I discovered this recently and have tried it a few times and sure enough, it deprogams the locking and unlocking features. On my SE you change the headlights delay time by pushing the trip odometer stem that sticks out of the instrument cluster when the car is off and the key is in the Run position. It appears as "AL" followed by 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds etc.

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