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Complete the Look!

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I’ve read in several threads that people are looking for headlights and fog lamps that are more white/less yellow. To go along with U’r HID conversions or whiter halogen capsules why not complete the look (come on, U know it’s about the look) and get rid of those orange parking lights. How about an LED bulb that’s white when it’s a parking/running light but is amber when it’s a turn signal? Go to http://autolumination.com/ and find the “Switchback.” It’s in the “**3157 led -Tail Brake, Turn Signal & Back-up Bulbs” section. It’s down pretty far in the listing. Don’t give up till U find it. I know what U’ve just read sounds like an advertisement, but I dislike amber parking lights and really dislike amber rear turn lights. I’ve changed many cars I’ve owned. All but one were bulb changes (thank goodness for clear lenses.) On ‘85 Escort parking/turn units and tail/turn units were replaced with Mercury Lynx pieces. Cost about $240 IIRC, and those were 1985 dollars (.....and I used to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow. :yup: )

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