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New 18" rims installed


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All the hoopla posted on here about having these defective rims replaced and nobody can answer my question. I just need to know if I received the new parts and not the leftovers. One thing I do know is that they re-used the ford center cap which is fine by me, since there was no corrosion on them. Help a cracka out people......I know more than you may ever know, but I need some outside info on this particular situation. :read:

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Thanks bro, but I never saw the stickers on the rims. I know the part number I have is a genuine ford part number. Just want to know if there is any way I can know for sure if I got the redesigned rims from Lacks Chromtec. They did leave a small rectangular fluorescent green sticker on each rim about the size of a stamp. They also had a text that said "peel here" I do not know why they left these stickers on the rims. Maybe because they were a bitch to get off and left a sticky residue on the chrome plastic.

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