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911/VHR installed and not working !

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I don't know what the techs did, but these features are not working. I am registered at syncmyride.com and followed all directions. Was told by a rep from sync my ride, that the dealer needs to update the PTS web site. Called the dealer and was rudely told that they never :banghead: had to update this site and that the other installs they did worked fine. How can we access the VHR and check to see if the 911 assist is indeed installed. BTW, I paid $40 for this and it seems they did nothing !

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That upgrade should be free according to my dealer, whomever is charging for it, is ripping off their customers, it takes only 30 minutes to get done, and they get paid by Ford to install it. They use a male to male USB cable hook it ot the Ford laptop, and the other end into the Sync port, that cable AFAIK is provided by Ford and the time I went there they have it on a locker of the main technician there, he was not in the shop, and they were not able to find it out in any store around (it was a saturday so all autoparts and dealers parts suppliers were closed) The worst i ahve seen charge for it was 79.00 till now, many customers are now running to ourdealer to install it there...

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