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'08 Premium Painted (charcoal) Wheels


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This can be found elsewhere, but more of U'all will see it if it's here by its lonesome. :yup:


Boy, talk about feeling stupid! :banghead: Where's emoticon with egg-on-its-face? Put my 17” wheels & tires on Craigslist, then was looking thru ads & what do I find? The wheel I had wanted, but didn’t try hard enuf to find. ’08, 18”, Premium Painted (charcoal) WITH TPMS sensors. $200.00 the set. :cry: Too late for me, but if U live in SF Bay area & are interested, call him @ 650-619-1902. He’s had them up for a month. His ad isn't very good. Told him he'd probably have better luck :yup: if he mentioned they were 18" & charcoal.

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