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Satellite Radio with Navigation

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I only have the audiophile system and have the info displayed on regular terrestrial stations, but not the satellite stations (it displays the station name, but that is all - the terr. stations include the song title and artist). Is this something that is only available for the satellite stations with the navigation?


The issue i find the worst is that this seems like a relatively recent addition to radio stations, however i bought a Blaupunkt stereo in the UK in 94 that had this technology - called EON, IIRC. There was also a nice system that allowed you to pick up local traffic info whenever it was released from any local station, that was called RDS, IIRC - now i use the satellite station for my area with traffic info, but missed not having that instant access from all the local stations before buying my Edge. These technologies were fairly recent in 94, but not new that year either.

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Well now you guys have me wondering. I will have to pay more attention to mine. I never knew so many people paid attention to the little things. As far as all of the traffic info etc goes, that is something that one station may broadcast where another one does not. On the non satellite stations there are some that broadcasts dj name, song and artis info and others do not. The radio has to have the capability to receive it and the station has to be able to broadcast it.I am no expert but that is how mine works.



Kind of on the same subject: How do the people on here like Sirius? My opinion, I can't find anything on it that is worth paying for. JusT curious if I am missing something. On XM there were some stations that I liked but Sirius has trouble keeping my attention. For example: channel 7 totally 70's will play popular classic rock songs that I enjoy for a short time then it goes to some wild off the wall stuff that I have never heard and that is when I grew up so I surely didn't miss that much.


XM had a couple of talk stations that I listened to. Several financial gurus were on them, Bruce Williams etc. Sirius talk seems to have only far right and far left debates and nothing else.

One side is saying if your daughter is not pregnant and carrying a shotgun while on lookout for commies by the time she is 12 she is not going to be a good hill woman.


The other side is saying if their 8 year old son wants a drink of wine with dinner and a joint afterwards to help him relax it is perfectly alright in his own home.



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They made a big thing about changing over to digital FM about 15 years ago in the UK - that is how this info it attached to the FM signal. Now they are calling it HD or whatever, its basically the same thing, just took forever to get on the market. The traffic info also had a code attached which the receiver would pick up and change channel for - its not tough to do, i dont know if there is a market out there, but i know it is useful and something i cant find over here.


As for Sirius, i generally tune to about 4 stations, occasionally another 5-10 depending on my mood - my wife also has her own favourites which she has on a set of presets, i use the traffic and a few other stations now and then. What i really enjoy is having music 99% of the time, and talk on when i want it, not just DJ's who jabber on and on and finally play a few tunes every 5-10 mins or so. Due to them playing so much, some how they dont just recycle the same old songs that are in the charts or playlist. If i listen to terrestrial channels all day i can hear multiple repeats of the same songs and day after day - its like there is nothing else out there. The off the wall stuff is occasionally annoying, but it also lets you sample other things you might not know about and they play some songs off of albums rather than just the singles. I also like not having ads all the time. The final feature i like is that i always know where there is a station i enjoy on Sirius, however if i am on a road trip after 100-200 miles i often have to change the station to find something else as the previous selection goes out of range. Its like bringing a jukebox or stash of CD's with you without having to sort/shuffle through them and change them all the time.


As for the XM/Sirius thing, i dont know about the XM stations, however if this merger goes through, who knows if they might play everything for a similar price or offer more a la carte service? The debates - well there are plenty of places we could go with that! I generally dont go to the talk channels, but when i want talk i can find it - rather than having it shoved down my throat. My wife says she probably wouldnt get it on car in the future, but i think its great and when my 6-months is up i will renew. I do feel kind of cheated when i take her car to work and cant listen to Sirius, but only the local stations - searching for traffic info, waiting for songs, listening to ads or DJ talk all the time.


Oh and back to those topics - teen pregnancy - no, gun control - yes, gun ownership - no, wine with dinner - ok with supervision (has been shown to stop binge drinking and drunk driving with all the other problems that follow), joint - no.

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