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New Ford Edge owner (07 SE awd)


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Well my wife and i just had our first child and immediately found out that my 02 Jetta wagon was just not going to work. I originally had a 2005 Mini cooper S that was highly modified. Upon finding out that my wife was pregnant i proceeded to sell the car and pick up a jetta wagon. I am a VW guy at heart but just what was VW thinking making a station wagon that could not haul more that 2 people (ever).


After 1 week of hauling my wife, my son, and myself around we had enough and the vw had to go. After a test drive in a used 08 Edge i was hooked and so was she. I looked at 3 different edges at 3 different dealers. First one was an SEL AWD in red. it was very nice and clean but came with no extended warranty, and needed new tires. After 2 hours of wheeling and dealer i walked out over a set of tires. the 2nd dealer was another AWD SEL in gray. It was very nice and we talked but it was not certified or had to EXT warranty. The last dealer was ready to deal and had an 07 with 52k miles and it was certified. They included a 6/100k bumper to bumper warranty and met my price on the edge and my trade. it also came with brand new good year tires. wooo hooo. So we drove the edge home yesterday and i detailed it this morning in the garage.



Specs on the 07

52 k miles

Grey exterior

Tan interior



class 2 hitch

Low options is how i like em :)










gratuitous shot of the dog:




And my son:




I have been anti suv/cuv for years, but now i am an EDGE lover. This cuv handles better than my my old jetta wagon.


Future modifications:

Wife: tinted front windows, 18" or 20" factory chrome wheels

Me: Steeda intake, Steeda SCT programmer, h&r springs, Edge sport headlamps and tail lamps (or i might mod a set myself)...


Thank you FORD

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Hi and welcome to the site. I have not been a member too long but it seems like there is a lot of useful information here to use if need be.

Nice looking edge, cool bassit hound and a nice picture of your child and I'm sure all will bring you much fun.

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