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  1. 107,000 and going...07 SEL+ black nothing major, I replaced the throttle body (thought it was a tranny issue, but after many posts decided to try the TB) So far so good. after the replacement it acted up big time, wife said it wouldn't hardly go, then took off like crazy and made a noise (don't know what it sounded like) but ever since it's done fine. i'm thinking carbon build up??? causing the oem TB to not function properly??? who know's. need to get the plugs changed (still running the originals) and flush the coolant. So far it's been an excellent vehicle, will probably give it an Awesome detail job, get all the maintenance done, and on sept. 13th (15') give it to my daughter for her 16th birthday. if I can pry my wife's hands off it. I surprised my wife with it new, she still like's it. should be good for another 100k.
  2. bulldog

    Buying a used 2007 Ford Edge

    still driving our 07 SEL+ at 95,xxx miles. only issues we've had: 1. PTU 2. Corrosion on all 4 wheels (replaced under warranty) 3. #2 (I think) coil went bad around 25k miles 4. about 5 times it's been driven for about 1/2 hour or so in the HOT summer day's and then doesn't want to go, thought it was tranny issue, but after reading on here it looks to be the throttle body. I haven't messed with it yet though... Other than that, it's been a great vehicle (we don't have the vista roof, or SYNC) wife still loves it...
  3. bulldog

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    ours has done this a few times over the last 1 1/2 years. glad there's a fix...
  4. bulldog

    How long do you think your Edge will last you?

    was hoping for quite awhile, we usually get rid of our cars within 2-4 years. unfortunately the wife now has a crush on the new explorers. does it ever end??? still loving the 07, gave it a sweeeeet detail yesterday and it looks New again. (hoping to keep her from getting the explorer, hehe)
  5. bulldog

    Oil Change Intervals

    i use the ford oil from walmart and change it every 5,000 miles. semi/synth. it's very simple to change on this vehicle.
  6. bulldog

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    haven't done a "search" just yet, just in case i get side tracked. after taking out the dirty filter, i vacuumed it off (REALLY clean now) and reinstalled it, now we can hear the blower motor making WAY to much noise. the wife thought something was wrong, i double, and triple checked and everything is correct. is it just noisey and i've forgot what it sounds like when new, or did i do something wrong? surely cleaning the thing didn't take out more than what was needed. only hear the droaning noise when on the top 2-3 level settings. the filter was pretty dirty, but not as bad as my 08 hyundai accent, it was VERY dirty. think this will improve MPG? haha. EDIT: when i removed it the first time i could see a leaf laying on top of the filter, as i pulled it out i thought it had fallen off, but once it was out there the leaf set. fast forward to just a minute ago, i reached into the fan and found the leaf that HAD fallen in. Problem solved.
  7. bulldog

    Just bought 2007 Edge SEL AWD.

    :yup: welcome. yeah, yeah. another new EDGE owner.
  8. bulldog

    Safe to buy domestic again?

    the ptu problem was an easy fix (of course it took us 3 day's to get it fixed, luckily i have spare car/cars/motorcycle) so it wasn't no biggie. as for their service dept. (i was 50/50. they dealt w/ the problem, but we also had an AC problem (it wouldn't work) when i gave them the EDGE it was not working so i knew they could diagnose it---when i went to pick it up for the PTU fix/AC fix they told me they couldn't duplicate the problem (strange, because when they drove it into the shop it wouldn't work) they told me my wife and I should "school" ourselves on the climate control. i bit my tongue, rather than cause a problem (a business should NOT talk to a customer that way, even if they thought they were being funny. I love to joke/kid/etc. but it still wasn't funny. i've owned: 86 Chevy Camaro 87 Chevy IrocZ28 Camaro 95 Chevy Blazer S10 00 Honda Accord LX 01 Dodge RAM 1500 02 Dodge RAM 1500 02 Chevy Tahoe LT 00 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 08 Ford EDGE SEL-plus 08 Hyunda Accent SE out of these cars the ford EDGE is/was my favorite. (the accent SE is my 2nd best, i love this little thing) i WOULD buy another Ford product at this point.
  9. bulldog

    Typical Tire and Brake Life / Ford Edge

    we're about to roll 30,000 miles and they're AT the wear bars. looking to replace within the month (april) haven't even looked at the pads but i'll probably replace them at or before 50K miles. going w/ the green EBC's as well. and i think i'll do the SS lines. the wife plans to keep this many more years. :hyper: i really liked the conti tires but their mileage was poor. and the braking is very UNinspiring. probably what ever's on sale. (it's her car, she doesn't care how it performs)
  10. bulldog

    New Tires...any recomendations

    thanks for the input. we're about to get new tires and i was going to go w/ the Conti's again. they weren't the best, but not the worst. i never even gave them a second thought about them causing the poor braking, but will definately choose a different tire next time. for such a high treadwear rating i thought they should have gotten over 30K miles.
  11. bulldog

    2007 Ford Edge SEL

    to late to worry now. forget about it and move on. done it once myself and 4 years later i finally wasn't upside down near as bad. sometimes they just get'cha. like above stated, use it as a learning experience.
  12. bulldog

    New girl

    love the stangs. love the camaro's more. got an 87 Iroc that is my old pride and joy. (it's been setting in the back yard waiting on me to restore it. it'll be awhile though, i took up sportbiking a few years ago, and it takes ALL my spare $ for trackday's,tires, etc............... the above Camaro is HOT!!!!!!! if it would never snow where i/we live i'd have one in the same breath, i'd also like the new 5.0 as well. bikes still win though.
  13. bulldog

    A/C Air Flow

    i noticed ours does the same. it's not the best AC, in fact i took it to the dealer when the AC wouldn't come on, so they could look at it while it was not working. they said "you may need to school yourself w/ the manual, we got it to work" HaHaHa, i chuckled and said yeah it's pretty complicated with the AC button and all. sadly it was working for them, so it was diagnosed as working. i imagine it will quit again after the warranty's out, at which point they'll have a fix. gotta love going to the dealer.
  14. bulldog

    Transmission fluid leak - at 400 miles???

    Sorry, no it's an 07
  15. bulldog

    Transmission fluid leak - at 400 miles???

    took them 5 day's to get our EDGE fixed.
  16. bulldog

    Transmission woes on an '07 Edge

    ours has acted up a couple times. it's in the shop now for the PTU (i almost bet that's your problem with yours)
  17. bulldog

    Disappointing MPG

    eventually it'll get a little better. i found if i only drove shorter trips (less than 10 miles it sucked gas BAD) i let it idle waiting for the wife for about 5 minutes and the mpg display went from 23 down to 21 after a 15 mile trip. i would kill it if it's more than a few seconds. (ex. drive thur's like bank, fastfood, etc...) and we quit letting it warm up in the mornings (thank God for seat heaters) it seems to help w/ the mpg. certain gas stations make a big difference as well (you might try a different one)
  18. bulldog

    Found the horrible smell

    i took our 07 in today for some work. *PTU *AC not working (sometimes does, sometimes doesn't) *tranny seems to be slooooow to think *wheel corosion (he said it was cleanable, i'll probably have to push this issue *heater core issue (doesn't warm up properly, or at all at times asked about a loaner "we don't have any right now" as usual. oh well.
  19. bulldog

    Edge finally got stuck in the snow

    after many years of commuting 84 miles daily, i got stuck saturday before last. took an onramp and as i neared the top (last 100ft or so) they decided NOT to plow that area. unfortunately my commuter car (08 hyundai accent) doesn't do well in 8" of snow/ice. i was FRUSTRATED and took over an hour to dig out of it. this was at about 5:45am. lesson learned: drive faster
  20. bulldog

    need a lil help with pics

    click on "full editor" click "browse..." button pick your pic from your pics. click attach, done. use http://www.shrinkpictures.com/ if it doesn't take the file because it's to large. save to your pics, then select the new sized pic. Done.
  21. bulldog

    Just purchased 2007 SEL

    we still love ours.
  22. bulldog

    Playing with traction control

    that's what i've been doing wrong. i've been complaining to people that our EDGE was just too awesome in the snow and ice. i couldn' t get it to get out of control. now i know how :hyper:
  23. bulldog

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    replyed to you. and for others. haven't had any other trouble with it.
  24. bulldog

    Converting AWD to FWD

    i thought about that myself. my son has an 05 silverado SS AWD and i see a fuse that say's "AWD" i wondered what would happen if i removed it??? but haven't tried it. if it worked i would do it on the EDGE. we only need the awd in winter months, would love to save some wear and tear.
  25. my 56" fit. wasn't in a box though.