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Just took delivery! (pics)


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Hope you enjoy your new Edge. I noticed you also have a Mustang, so we have something in common. We also have a new Edge (bought 2-14-09) and two Mustangs. We did have three, but we traded in my 99 Cobra for the Edge. Some may find that hard to believe, but the Edge is that nice of a car - smooth, quiet and has all the creature comforts not found in a Mustang. Another reason we both like the Edge is we have our first Grandbaby who lives five and a half hours away, and the mustang is just not a good road car for that long of a drive. Besides, we ARE grandparents. We still have two more Mustangs we can drive if we need a performance fix - my wife's 96 Cobra and our old trusty 1970 Boss 302.


Hope you enjoy your Edge. You will probably spend a lot more time in it than you do the Mustang.


post-6447-1245280761_thumb.jpg post-6447-1245280878_thumb.jpg post-6447-1245282462_thumb.jpg

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haha funny you say that, the picture in your was actually the deciding factor to go with the sterling grey! What options do you have on yours?


Yeah I fell in love with this color also. She's fully loaded, Nav, amibient lighting, cargo management, panoramic roof, etc....

. I believe it has everything you can get on a Edge minus AWD, I don't need it in southern California. I hope you enjoy yours too :shades:

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