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Vehicle Health sending problems

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Anybody on here having problems with getting Sync to send the VH reports? I was able to get it to work a few days after I got the update but I tried it last night and it kept failing, go figure I had a real problem with my Edge and the VHR don't work. Some over on the SyncMyRide site have commented about this problem but there is very little known at this point.

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I had to delete my phone from Sync and pair it again at one point in the beginning to get it too work. Did you try that?


As well, I wonder if success can be dependent on their website/internet setup since the report goes there as well, and is emailed to you, and if that fails a connection, maybe the entire report is hosed?

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The VHR is generic garbage designed to make you think that if you do not get your Edge to a dealer for service in the next 48 hours......it will self-destruct. The only thing that will destruct is your wallet.


I tend to agree and wrote a whole conspiracy thread on that here :) Alerts show up in one report, not in the next. And the alerts certainly do make you think you better haul aZZ to the dealer, until the next time you run the report and see no more alerts or totally different alerts.

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