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AC compressor shuts off under load


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Does anyone out there know what sensors are installed on the Edge so that if something overheats, or there is too much load, the AC compressor shuts off?

When I tow my 3000# trailer on warm (85 deg or greater) days at highway speeds (55-60), my AC compressor shuts down. I assume that this is done on purpose, and that something is telling the compressor that either there is an overload or overtemp condition. My 2007 has the factory tow package, and the engine coolant temp gauge stays right in the middle of normal. Dealer says that the AC is operating OK, and that I'm towing too heavy a load. It seems that others tow as heavy as I do without this problem, so I'm wondering if I have a sensor that is out of calibration. I'd like to check it out before I give up and replace the car. I have started towing with overdrive locked out, and I haven't had a problem since, but that may be because Michigan hasn't had any hot weather this year. I really like the Edge, and would like to buy it when my lease is up, but not if I can't resolve this problem.

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