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Ford Aftermarket Backup Camera Available from Ford, But!

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If you have a factory installed Nav System, Ford has an after market backup camera solution available but it requires that the video be part of the (interior) rear view mirror. If you have a mirror with the auto dimming and / or Sync microphone, this is no problem (according to the representative at Champion Ford, here in Katy, Texas). This is basically the same system installed on the F-150 and Expedition.


The price however is (very) costing $865 installed and comes with a Ford Backed 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. If you have an extended service warranty agreement (through Ford) it will NOT cover the camera beyond the 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.

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yeah, I bet these are Gentex cameras. I looked into a retro fit of these a year ago based on the F150 setup, you can search here and find my posts on it.. but, I was able to get an awesome CCD camera + switch box and self install for less than half of the one you mention here.. plus a lot less possible headache with getting the Gentex to correctly work with Sync & you get to use the full sized nav screen versus the smaller Gentex mirror screen. When I did my research I talked with Gentex, but no one would touch the install as it required, at the time, modifying the microphone IIRC.

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This mirror does not have the ability to work with Sync as far as I can tell.


That's pretty nifty there securinu. But I have to assume that you own the store. You have posted here and there on this forum, sometimes eluding to some interesting information that you don't ever divulge. You also have never replied to any of my PMs asking for an explanation. You have only mentioned that you run an install business of some kind. Provide some real information, not just links.


Don't don't hold your breath while waiting for me to buy from you.

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