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Edge IKT (Remote Head Key)


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Hey guys, my fiance bought an Edge a little while back and that turned me onto the IKT's. Well I did some reading and sure engough they work for F150's. My Father now has one for his 2005 F150. My problem, that unlike anyone else outthere, the key programmed to my truck (2nd key I've tried) unlocks and locks both vehicles. I have been trouble shooting with the Dealer and they are at their wits end. Ford offically states that key isn't for an F150 and cannot be used.


I had both vehicles in the shop this w/e and they determined I needed a new key. . . ok fine. Well they stated it worked but since she was at work I took her car and drove it around for the day and then went back to pick up my truck. When I got out to unlock my truck, both vehicles unlocked. Now, I'm baffeled since all I did all day was just have my key hanging on my key ring as I was using her spare to drive her car!! No biggie.


Well my question I post to you is, does anybody have a old syle remote FOB that is programmed to their Edge. If so, if you re-run the programming, will the Edge forget the FOB like all other vehicles? I thried as part of my troubleshooting, and now it will not forget the FOB. So if it is supposed to then obviously there is something wrong with ther car.


My next step is to figure if the Code Alarm Remote start could have anything to do with this. It was in the Edge when we got it.


Thanks for any advice,



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