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newbie here


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Just picked up a new Redfire Edge. I'm only 26, but I've only owned Fords during the 10 years that I've been driving. This is my 2nd "new" ford. I bought an 06 mustang last year (my 3rd mustang) and was very unimpressed. I bought the Edge because I'm about to gradaute with a B.S in Accounting and will be working with clients that probably wouldn't appreciate having to squeeze into the backseat of a sportscar. I love customizing my vehicles to distinguish me from the pack, so hopefully I'll be posting about performance/cosmetic enhancements in the near future.

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Congrats on the edge I've been searching every site I can think of for custom parts for the Edge no luck so far. The only thing I have been able to find are wheels and magnaflow has a cat back system that will be out shortly. Going to be putting a 7 inch alpine touch screen in soon along with upgrading the speakers and adding ipod and bluetooth to it as well. Keep us up to date with what you add to your ride.

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Another Redfire :rockon:


Do you live in Florida? I'm in Central, Fla., part time. Originally from Fla. though.


I'd like to see what you do to your Edge...please keep us up to date.



I'm in Fort Myers but I'll be moving up to Tampa soon. I'm looking at wheel choices right now, plus a drop kit by eibach as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for the welcome to all.

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