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Financing rates have dropped

Edgy Girl

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We got 1.9% for 48 months, which i consider practically the cash price. 0% would of course be nicer, however the cost per month would be quite a bit higher for 24-36 months. Payments right now are about $677 a month for about 31.25k - for the same total loan price at 0% the 24 and 36 month alternatives would have been 1302 and 868, those are pushing on some high prices (although the 36 is ok) given other costs per month! If you have a good downpayment who knows. I personally am fairly happy, to start with i pay on $50 a month in interest, and average $25 per month, $1200 total interest if i only pay the minimum, which wont happen - these are numbers i am more comfortable with i guess.

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